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The Alys Foundation

The Alys Foundation was established to provide funding for the purpose of sustaining the long-term community values of Alys Beach. The funds from The Alys Foundation are used to enhance the experiences of our families and to preserve and enhance the quality of life of our community members. Our primary focus is the town of Alys Beach, but we will also focus our initiatives in the Walton County community at large. Some examples might include funding to build a nature-learning center for children, a performing-arts venue, a library, or an art museum. This might also include spending on things such as musical events, films, lectures, or poetry readings.

The Alys Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to support the long-term community values of the town. Funds can be used to finance community, environmental, cultural and educational programs at Alys Beach as well as to help other nonprofit organizations in the greater Walton County community.

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