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August 29, 2014 by Manny Chavez

When John Scanlan, his wife Natalie, and rescue dog “Buddy” moved to Santa Rosa Beach from Atlanta in 2010, he had only one thing in mind - “to open a holistic, eco-friendly, and unique pet shop.” This was a pretty gutsy move for any new business venture, fresh on the heels of the BP Oil disaster.

Opened in the Fall of 2010, Bow Wow Meow Pet Company is located on the east end of Seagrove Beach on Scenic 30A, next to JC’s Seafood House. Bow Wow Meow caters to pet owners who want only the best for their canine and feline “family”.The shop carries a wide variety of organic pet food, pet gear, and products to keep pets clean and healthy.


Also available for pet owners who like to keep a clean pet are two private self-washing rooms for dogs (although John does not rule out cats).

“Self-washing rooms in a pet shop are kind of unheard of around here,” explains John. “I designed the stainless steel tubs and adjustable platforms to accommodate all pet sizes. They have nice walk-up ramps to guide your dog into the tub and we offer high-quality shampoos, conditioners, finishing products, air dryers and towels. We allow pet owners however much time they need to wash their dogs.  We charge $14 for small dogs and $18 for larger ones. After 5 washes, you get the next one free.”

“I never intended for the self-wash to take off like it has…it was just an extra benefit, but this feature has become an integral part of our business.  When you leave here after a self-wash, your dog is free of fleas and ticks, shedding hair, and is nice and dry,” says John. Customers who have used the self-washing facility have indicated that the washing area is “cleaner than most human bath rooms.”


Over the past four years, John’s local customers have dictated what products he carries….”as long as it’s holistic,” he emphasizes. The dog and cat foods and treats available are many and include Dr. Harvey’s, Sojo”s, Pure Vita, Petcurean, Taste of the Wild, and Natural Balance anibg others.  John also carries raw frozen foods with doggie frozen yogurt becoming a popular treat. John is now offering his own brand of doggie treat, Bow Wow Meow Peamutt Butter Delights, a natural oven-baked treat.

Pet gear offerings are geared towards the local “beach dog” with items including beach dog clothing, life jackets, bandanas, surf toys, tie-dye hoodies, surf boy and girl pet apparel, and various garments offering pet sun protection. Pet crate rentals have also taken off and the crates often become purchase items after they have been rented.


What started off a dream for John and Natalie (and probably for Buddy too), has become what John likes to refer to as “a Modica Market  for pets.”  Bow Wow Meow is open for business and all breeds are welcome!

“Every year that goes by I have to pinch myself to make sure all this is real…I’m living the dream…working and living on the beach, doing what I love,” smiles John.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Company is currently open from Monday through Saturday 10 a.m - 7 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Fall hours may vary. Phone: 850-534-0009.  All credit cards accepted, with “IOU’s for people I know,” says John with a wink. Web site:


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