Kindness Pet Hospital East End Expansion Serving SoWal

November 15, 2018 by Manny Chavez

Pet owners and their furry friends have welcomed the new Kindness Pet Hospital East to Seacrest Beach.

Opened in mid-March 2018, the relatively new veterinarian clinic is a natural extension of the original Kindness Pet Hospital located on the west end of Scenic 30A (near Butler Elementary).

“We had been thinking about opening up our second location for a while, and once Dr. Kristyn Carr came on board, we decided to make our extension a reality,” explains Dr.  Mary Connor (Dr. Mary). “Both locations offer our gold standard, full-service vet care.”

The two vets share the workload, splitting their time between the two locations. The new Seacrest location is now more convenient for clients living between Seaside and Panama City Beach, with the original location closer to those living between WaterColor and Sandestin.

On a recent visit, while the staff manning the front desk filled the room with friendly laughter (always a good sign), Dr. Mary proudly conducted a quick tour of her new facility. From the entrance and on throughout the exam rooms, dentistry rooms, surgical suites, and x-ray rooms, the walls resonate with local art. She’s done a lot with limited space, making for a very contemporary, high-ceilinged, comfort zone. Striking personal black and white pet photos lead you down the main hallway towards their Scenic 30A entrance. New customers are often surprised that there is a “back entrance” to their space with parking on the north-side of the building.

Both locations offer the best pet care in the form of physical exams, vaccinations, dentistry, surgical services, puppy and kitten care, radiology and laboratory services, anesthesia, and microchip placement. Dr. Mary, Dr. Carr, and their entire staff feel a genuine connection to their patients. Both pets and humans are treated like family and there is no such thing as “corporate mentality” at Kindness Pets.

“We pay attention to our client needs and work with each patient on an individualized, customized, basis,” explains Dr. Mary. “Even a simple pet vaccination needs to be administered on an individualized basis…every animal is different depending on each pet’s exposure to their environment.”

Dr. Connor has received advanced training in pet dental health evaluation and surgery and routinely performs dental cleaning, dental extractions, root planning, fluoride treatments, periodontal disease treatments, and more complicated dental surgeries.
Surgical services at both locations include spays and neuters, mass removals, exploratory surgery, cystotomies, amputations and other soft tissue surgery. All can be performed at either location.

Customers taking their puppies and kittens in for the first time will be greeted by enthusiastic team members and a full physical exam will follow to assure that your BPF (best pet forever) will get off to a proper start with necessary vaccinations and a good screening for intestinal parasites or any other abnormalities that may be in place.

“Our standard of care, I think, is the highest standard of care available in the area,” says Dr. Mary. “We pay attention to what our clients concerns are and are genuinely interested in the well-being of our animals. For everybody who works here, this is not just a job, it is a CALLING. We have this family environment where everyone shares a common interest and conviction in how these animals should be treated, resulting in a dedication that our patients can see when they come here. If I don’t know the answer, I can find it. We all feel blessed to be part of this community and our team (April, Marna, Fran, Alexa, Carrie, Salina, Danielle, and Debbi) just make it all happen…we’re all happy to get up and come to work each day… we feel like we make a difference!” explains Dr. Mary.

For more Kindness Pet Hospital East location information, please call 850-213-4748, location: 10343 E. County Highway 30A, Seacrest Beach (just east of La Cocina Mexican Grill and Bar). For West Scenic 30A Location information, call 850-267-3955, location: 6744 W. County Hwy. 30A (next to Butler Elementary). Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:30-5 p.m. at both locations and open 8:30-noon at the West Scenic 30A location. Visit web site or on Facebook.


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