Local and Visitor School Calendars for 2022-2023

February 7, 2023 by SoWal Staff

Here is the 2022-2023 School Calendar from Visit South Walton - Use it to help plan your trips to SoWal. Locals can see when to promote business, events, and when to plan around traffic, and crowds at restaurants and grocery stores. The school calendar shows when K-12 schools and universities/colleges in our major travel markets will be on break and for school start dates.

South Walton School Calendar includes 30A travel info for Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and other holidays. Want to know where to rent? See our SoWal Rental Partners for the best in rental homes, condos and hotels.

Click to open the 2022-2023 South Walton School Break Calendar (PDF)

Highlights & Updates for 2022-2023 School Calendars
Birmingham public schools - Fall 10/3/22-10/7/22, Winter 12/19/22 - 1/9/23, Spring 3/27-3/31/22
Atlanta public schools  - Winter 12/19/22 - 1/3/23, Spring 4/3/23 - 4/7 2023 will be our busiest Spring Break week in SoWal.
Nashville public schools - Fall 10/10/22 - 10/14/22, Winter 12/19/22 - 1/02/23, Spring 3/13/23 - 3/17/23
Walton County Winter Break 12/19/22 - 1/4/23, Spring 3/20/23 - 3/24/23


From Walton County Sheriff's Office

This is the social media post we don't want to write. The topic we don't want to speak of. Like Voldamort in Harry Potter where everyone just whispers "you know who".

Well, "you know what" is coming this way like a freight train. We're not even going to say "around the corner", because it's too cliche to deserve it. It doesn't have quite the same sense of urgency.

Spring break. It even tastes like vinegar to type it.

Spring break used to be something, as kids, we dreamt about. Heck, bad country singers wrote songs about it. Now, it's like politics. Something none of us can agree on and causes arguments at the dinner table.

This is an affront.

Walton County Sheriff's Office is ramping up. Holding meetings with stakeholders after addressing some of your concerns on Sheriff LIVE.

We've had internal operational meetings and plan to highlight some of the things we are implementing during the coming weeks to you - our constituents. One thing is certain, the green will be seen.

Now that we've skipped over the denial part of the grieving stage, the next is acceptance. "You know what" is coming. But, when?

We've put together a schedule for those who are interested. What we've found is that people want to be in the know. They want to prepare. Like some sort of zombie apocalypse.

What we also know is that "you know what" isn't just college kids driving down packed in like clown cars and pouring out onto the beach like the good 'ol days - if there were any.

We are also heavily interacting with high school-aged kids whose parents bring them while on break and let them wander around and make poor choices in the moments they look up from scrolling Tiktok and Snapchat. Which they do. Don't we all at some point in our lives?

All that to say, we've listed the high school spring break dates as well as the colleges and universities. So, here goes.

We're here if you need us.


March 4th -10th

Notre Dame, Auburn University, University of Georgia, Tulane, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Florida.

March 11th - 17th

The University of Texas, Texas Tech University, the University of Tennessee, the University of North Carolina, Mississippi State University, the University of Kentucky, Duke University, University of Central Florida, Vanderbilt University, Ohio State, Troy State University, University of Nebraska, University of Mississippi, University of Alabama, Florida State University, LSU, Florida A&M University, University of Florida and the University of Miami.

March 18th – 24th

Clemson University, University of Arkansas, and Hofstra University.


March 11th- 17th

Houston Independent School District, Texas, Huntsville Alabama Public Schools, Tennessee (Bristol, Franklin, Nashville, Knoxville County, Shelby, Sevier County) Public Schools, and Bay County Public Schools.

March 18th - 24th

Walton County Public Schools, Okaloosa County Public Schools

March 25th – April 1st

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Birmingham Public Schools, Jefferson County Schools, Dothan City Schools, Alabama.

April 1st - 8th

Georgia (Atlanta Public Schools, Marietta, Dekalb, Cobb, Fulton, Forsyth, Gwinnett, and Valdosta), Houston, Texas County Schools, and Kentucky (Bowling Green, Jefferson County, Louisville, Lexington), Jefferson Parrish Schools, Louisana.

April 9th – 14th

St. Tammany Public Schools and East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.







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