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Local Musician Kelsey Anna Follows Her Dream

June 26, 2013 by Jill Tanner

Kelsey Anna radiates beauty and poise. She's a SoWal girl through and through - relaxed and unassuming, authentic and true. She loves the relaxed life at the beach, writing music, and performing at local venues. Everyone who hears her sing and play guitar becomes a fan, and she is a local favorite.

It's going to be difficult for her to leave it all behind to pursue her dreams, but it's time. After years of writing songs and entertaining South Walton, Kelsey is ready to reach for the stars in Nashville, but she plans on coming back to the beach often for gigs.
She's a hometown girl with a big love for family, and credits her mother for her talent. Kelsey’s mother, Sandy Johnson, was also a singer-songwriter and put herself through college playing gigs just as Kelsey does. Kelsey remembers impromptu “vocal lessons” in the back of her mother’s car with sister Natasha. Sandy shared her knowledge and talent with the girls.

Kelsey has been singing since she was four years old. At the young age of 17, Kelsey took pen to paper and began to channel her love of music and express herself through songwriting. Now, with her passion pinpointed, Kelsey plans to move to Nashville, dive into the world of music and talent, and follow her dream. 
Kelsey recently began a Kickstarter Campaign online to raise money to help fund her debut album. The fund goes towards producing, mastering, distributing, and designing of a debut album. In just seven days, Kelsey reached her goal of $6,500, but it doesn’t stop there. Any additional funds raised this summer will go straight to funding Kelsey’s career. Her pursuit of happiness comes with a big price tag. Contest entry fees, photo sessions, hiring musicians, making music videos, and going on tour all cost money. Donating is a way for us fans to be involved in the process and thank her for  sharing her beautiful music over the years.
Kelsey is an independent young woman with passion and drive, uninterested in becoming famous, but more interested in writing songs to share with the world. A light shines in Kelsey Anna - let's help her light up Nashville

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