Luxury Along South Walton Beaches Redefined

September 17, 2015 by Richard Olivarez

Gentle waves lapping at our white sand shores shape the coastline bringing a subtle change, maybe not observed by all, but a change that is constant. Another transformation, a conceptual change occurring on the Emerald Coast as well as all over the world, is the redefining of luxury.

Historically, luxury denoted extravagant living and opulence. It spoke of privilege and exclusivity only to be enjoyed by the elite. In South Walton, our unique beach communities ignored this traditional interpretation of luxury and elected instead to redefine it as a state of mind. Our shores foster a unique lifestyle and culture embracing shared moments and as we have never waivered from this definition of luxury – it seems that everyone else might be starting to catch on.

In its new context luxury is the fullest realization of your best life. It’s a simple definition left to individual interpretation and that is what makes it sublime.  Modern luxury is less focused on the acquisition of possessions and more about collecting quality experiences.

In the beach towns of South Walton these experiences include simple moments that are accessible by all such as feeling the cool beach sand beneath your feet, hearing the gentle rhythm of the surf, watching the sun set in vibrant hues, exploring countless trails, catching live performances and savoring coastal cuisine rendered by masters of the craft.

Luxury’s seemingly immutable association with money has fractured. This new incarnation is easily accessible, but requires intention and purpose. It must be sought and takes a conscious effort to discover these moments and embrace them.

Our focus has always been to live authentically and that is what brings travelers to our shores. It is true that our beaches are unrivaled in their beauty, but it’s the quality of life and wealth of experiences that elevates our destination. Visitors to South Walton are well informed and understand the truest meaning of luxury and spending time with others who appreciate the same heightens that enjoyment.

South Walton communities open the door to a wealth of life experiences for everyone. Your personal vision of luxury can be achieved no matter how unique it may be. Perhaps your collection of experiences includes watching the waves wend their way along the shore from the quiet of a beachfront balcony.

The heady, intoxicating smell of salt in the warm breeze. Drinking in the sun like an elixir innervating your spirit. However you choose to experience our beaches we hope you'll discover all you're looking for.


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Richard stays on top of South Walton and Destin as Editor in Chief of Souvenir Magazine and Marketing Director for Ocean Reef Resorts - a premier vacation rental company, offering a wide array of luxury properties from Destin to Panama City Beach.

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