SoWal History Highlights

May 15, 2010 by Brenda Rees

Walton County and The Beaches of South Walton along with its history and highlands are THE Best. I’ve never held back from that opinion even though I’ve traveled to some very beautiful and historic places. Your opinion or favorite place may differ, but that is okay. Whether I was standing in front of Mt. McKinley (Denali) in Alaska, the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Napoleon’s grave in Paris, my heart and mind always yearned for the view, culture and history of Walton County, Florida.

That Walton County has some of the best beaches and significant highlands and history in Florida is a revelation to many, but should be proclaimed by the multitudes. Why, I even heard one person at a recent event say there was no history in South Walton!

Here are just a few history sites in South Walton. There are many more throughout the county and may be listed by me or others later. Other history stories and topics are already shared on my Florida/Walton County History Blog.

In the meantime, relax and enjoy these pictures which illustrate some of South Walton’s cultural heritage and history. This might provide you with a quick self-guided tour on a day you aren’t relaxing at the beach.

Walton County fans toast another year at the Walton County Countdown Celebration held on December 29th each year. I started this celebration in 2004 to draw attention to the 200th Year Celebration for Walton County which will be in 2024. Walton County was founded December 29, 1824 and named for George Walton, Jr. Several books have the wrong date and early borders. South Walton was within the original borders of Walton County, the eighth county created in Florida.

For your history reading pleasure, consider picking up a copy of two books published in 1996 and 1999 by the South Walton Three Arts Alliance "Of Days Gone By" and "The Way We Were" -- Wonderful books, wonderful editors, writers, artists and contributors. I had not moved back home during their writing and development, so did not have a chance to contribute. There is a lot of history in South Walton and it will take the efforts of many to tell all its stories.

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