The Latest on Hurricane Isaac

August 27, 2012 by SoWal Staff

All businesses and restaurants will be open by tomorrow. Only a handful closed for more than a day or two. 

As of Wednesday evening beaches are still officially closed as the South Walton TDC continues to pick up debris on the beach. There wasn't much of it, some pieces of walkover here and there.

Many turtle nests have been lost but it remains to be seen how all will fare.

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During emergencies it's critical to have eyes on the ground from locals who know what's going on, and comforting to have it all in one place. is South Walton's first and only social media.

Our staff and members receive, gather and disseminate information from multiple sources such as the Walton County Sheriff's office, the South Walton Fire District, local media, and other regional and national authorites. We monotor their sites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, as well as receiving direct text messages and email alerts.

We are watching closely and If necessary we'll have an entire forum dedicated to Isaac or any other event with storm reports, links, discussion, photos and more critical information. We usually watch closely and calmly until a storm enters the gulf. But please remember you should always make preparations to protect your life and property before and during every tropical season.

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