Vintage SoWal - Babo on the Beach in the Blue Goose

July 22, 2014 by Payson Comer Howard

This jeep was called the "Blue Goose" and was the best in a long line of beach 4WD vehicles. My grandmother, Babo, is behind the wheel in front of my cousin Maunsel White's, house. Since the windshield had not yet rusted off, this was probably around 1970 or 1971.

My brother Keith pretty much learned how to drive behind the wheel of this jeep on the old dirt roads of Seagrove. We did the natty white hood ornamentation and fender striping ourselves no doubt using house paint and a brush. This was a 1949 CJ2A.

When Keith was 15, he and his friend Peter Horn drove this old jeep to the Grayton Store every night during the Summer, many times by going on the beach through the Grayton Beach State Park with the headlights off because it was against the rules to drive through the park. Later they got braver and just took the highway. Sounds sort of ridiculous today. The jeep had an old 8 track hot wired to the battery for awesome jams.

Photo from the family archive of Payson Comer Howard Payson and crew are based in Seagrove Beach, offering vacaiton rentals and services every day all along SoWal Beaches to help you make your own vacation memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations - It's Time To Vacation!

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Payson grew up on our local beaches and knows every nook and cranny. She helps folks every day make their own special beach memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations in Seagrove Beach.

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