Vintage SoWal - Kids From Every Decade Love the Beach

August 21, 2014 by Payson Comer Howard

This pic was taken in about 1970. We're sitting in my uncle’s boat on the beach in Seagrove in front of my Great Aunt Sue and John’s "Yellow House", which is still in the family, owned by Leonard Isacks (2nd from left in photo).  It's located just east of where the Seagrove Villas were before they tore those down.
Me and many of my cousins, from left:
Lillian Isacks, Ithaca, NY – 54, works at Cornell University
Leonard Isacks, New Orleans, LA – 51, owns Isacks Construction
Fletcher Isacks, Seagrove Beach, FL - 47, owns Isacks Imagery
Kathy Isacks, Boulder, CO – 52, Dietitian
Mary Bruns, Seagrove Beach, FL – 55, Family / County Mediator and CPA
Payson Comer Howard, Seagrove Beach, FL – 53, Director of Operations, Sunburst Beach Vacations
Susie Isacks, Ithaca, NY – 50
Alice Bruns Chalmers, Cincinnati, OH – 51, Consultant
Marie Bruns Mercat, Paris, France – 48, Law Professor
I have no idea what we were doing that day other than playing in the Gulf. Look how messed up everyone’s hair is. And how dark we are – we spent all summer on the beach, nonstop.
Photo from the family archive of Payson Comer Howard - Payson and crew are based in Seagrove Beach, offering vacaiton rentals and services every day all along SoWal Beaches to help you make your own vacation memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations - It's Time To Vacation!


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Payson grew up on our local beaches and knows every nook and cranny. She helps folks every day make their own special beach memories at Sunburst Beach Vacations in Seagrove Beach.

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