"You're So SoWal If..." Presenting Our 2014 Winners

September 11, 2014 by SoWal Staff

The judging is complete and the official results are in for our 2014 "You're So SoWal if..." contest!  A big SoWal thanks to everyone who sent in entries to make this year the best ever with great stuff from across the country. Beach lovers near and far know and love South Walton beaches!

This is the 4th year of our contest and every year we are thrilled by the creative, funny, and heartwarming entries. Thanks to everyone for sharing what SoWal means to you, especially our loyal SoWal Forum members.

We hope you enjoy reading the winners and top entries as much as we have!

Our 2014 Overall Winner  
You're So SoWal if ... you're resting in peace, but still alive.
- Gerard Dalessandro

First Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... your bumper stickers reads, "I'm a proud parent of a beach bum".
- Eve Andriola

Second Runner Up  
You're So SoWal if ... you get teary eyed when you see the OPEN sign light up at Seagrove Market Cafe after a long winter.
- Elaine Parrett


All the finalists for 2014, You're so SoWal if...

  • you bring a chainsaw to the beach in case you see no trespassing signs. Bob Jameson
  • your source for local news also serves beer and wine. Matthew Jones
  • you only own flip flops. alice gober
  • your so SoWal if you you consider going to San Destin an out of town trip. sarah mowell
  • you decide to name your next baby boy Walton, then you have girl and name her that anyway. Brian Kautz

You really need a bigger boat - Rick Long


  • you are heading South and your car doesn't stop until it sees the white sand. Ursula Smith
  • you look forward to the first of the year because you're a snowbird. Ursula Smith
  • you are planning your next trip back while your are there. patricia wells
  • you can't stop smiling. patricia
  • you get sand in your keyboard every time you check alice gober
  • You don't have to ask "What's that big black sticky ball hanging from your porch for?" Mindy S
  • you know that every bridge on Scenic 30A is like the dry cleaners...Closed at random, on holiday weekends, and when you need to get to a party. Jill Tanner
  • your laptop smells like coconut oil. alice gober
  • You have almost as many remedies for yellow fly bites as you have recipes for King Mackerel. larry pentel

Grayton Beach Sunsets are patriotic - TailGrayton


  • there's an inch of sand in the bottom of all your purses. alice gober
  • If you think rush hour is when the bike path is most crowded. dan mcmurtry
  • your watch tells the tides instead of time. alice gober
  • driftwood is your Christmas theme. alice gober
  • You slap a SoWal sticker on your grandson to take a picture! Lori Brunson-Smith
  • you know where, and what, the "Small Mart" is. Bobbi Henson
  • you're more scared of getting bitten by a Yellow Fly than a shark! Taryn Foster
  • You can take anything and everything on your bicycle. Heidi Davari
  • you buy your sunscreen in bulk containers. alice gober
  • your tan lines never fade. alice gober
  • your tan lines have tan lines. alice gober
  • You crave Local Catch  white sauce and Caribbean tacos.   Carol Prinz
  • you buy a clay-colored collar and leash to match your dog's feet. Laura Lehr
  • Happy is not just a hour, it is a lifestyle.  tara davis
  • You buy a glass of wine from Modica market in a walking cup. Cindy Jarmon
  • the childen you brought here on vacation are now bringing your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Bo Rentrop
  • You have seen a baby bear run across the road on your way to the Hurricane Oyster Bar. Kathy Finn
  • you send your land locked friends selfies of your toes in the sand. Debbie Klpatrick
  • more than half the people you know are realtors, architects, or builders. Dale Smith Stackable

You have your own shower stall at Bow Wow Meow - John Scanlan


  • you got married in a beach coverup and flip flops Wanda Cherry
  • you enjoy more sunsets than TV! Megan Harrison
  • when you use the baby changing table in the public restroom at the beach to clean your fish. ann scott
  • You don’t need a clock to tell you it’s after 6:00 at the beach! Sheila DeLashmutt with photo
  • your 6 year old wears his favorite Seaside T-shirt for hikes in the Smoky Mountains. melissa harper
  • you have posted a trip report on the SoWal Forum. Kathy D Wells
  • you leave your guns back home! Kathy D Wells
  • a beach rainstorm gives you an excuse for a much-needed nap. Kathy D Wells
  • you don't make it to the Red Bar on your South Walton vacation. Kathy D Wells
  • all you can do when you return home from vacation is sleep for days. Kathy D Wells
  • your first meal is always Goatfeather's steamed shrimp and tuna dip. Kathy D Wells
  • the keg you had delivered on the beach floats before you do. Kathy D Wells
  • your beach coverup doubles as your dinner dress. debbie myers

Beach dogs rule! - Sheila DeLashmutt


  • your dog has gained weight because of Dawson's pupsicles! debbie myers
  • when you think Destin is a planet far far away and you would rather order supplies over the internet than to venture out in that chaos. Lorie
  • you stay in Seaside 2 weeks and never have to leave town betsy yates
  • you slap a SoWal sticker on you grandson to take a pic! lori brunson smith with photo
  • you wake up every morning in a sandy bed with a sunburn, and you’re ready to go again! yvonna miller
  • your innie has become an outie. Jim Tucker
  • you don't like golf anymore because it involves golf carts. Jim Tucker
  • you have to park in Grayton to work in Seaside. Truman
  • you know better than to grocery shop on Saturday! TJ May
  • you you know what horrible biting bug a sticky black ball hanging in your back yard will attract. Jenny Dargavell

Pelican rescues are part of your day. - Edmond Alexander


  • you remember when Goatfeathers and Salty Dog were the only restaurants on West 30A. Leonard Anderson
  • you ever took a ferry across the bay to get to school. beachmama4
  • you miss the beachcomber at Salty Dogs! beachmama4
  • you have eaten your body weight in boiled seafood at a place called Mango's (or even if you REMEMBER "Mangos") JodiFL
  • you believe the area is ruined because everything didn't remain exactly as it was the day you arrived. Poppy
  • you prefer to be somewhere else on the holidays. Dawn

Swimming with manatees. - Brock Ellis


  • you're resigned to the fact that there's no way you're going to be able to order take out pizza on a Friday or Saturday night. Happy To Be Here
  • you'd rather be inside online than outside during the middle of the day in July. Mike Jones
  • you can remember when Santa Rosa Beach had five houses at Gulfview Heights and that you can still pick them out. Will B
  • you look at the SoWal website more than once a day. Leonard Anderson

You don't have to choose between fishing and tanning. - Larry Pentel




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