Updates From The 1,000-Mile Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition

The intrepid team is on their way through the heart of Florida wilderness from the Everglades to Georgia. They started in Flamingo bay and are journeying north through natural lands as part of a vision to protect an ecological corridor for people, ecosystems, and watersheds. This story will be continually updated with new stunning photos, video, and maps from the trek across Florida - http://www.floridawildlifecorridor.org/geostory.

Tour Seaside With Local Expert Mark Schnell

There are tourists and then there are tourists - no matter where you travel. In Firenze or Milano, the shoes are usually a dead giveaway. The natives are wearing soft leather loafers. The Americans are often decidedly less stylish.

In Seaside, the tell-tale signs are often times even more revealing. Anyone in a bathing suit and flip flops is here to have fun.

The men in black and women decked out head to toe in an equally monochromatic manner of dress are likely on a mission, or more specifically, an architectural pilgrimage.


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