Filmmaker Aims His Camera At Coastal Dune Lakes

There’s a special category of cinematographer whose job is to bring a camera to bear in places the audience is unlikely to otherwise visit.

They pursue the inaccessible, and render the quiet workings of little-known worlds.  

“I get in the water,” says Elam Stoltzfus. “That’s what you have to do to get your shot.  And I love doing it.”

Whale Sharks of Grayton Beach Video


Five Whale Sharks appeared just offshore from Grayton Beach, Florida and remained in the local waters for two days. Many of the people chartering the Grayton Beach fishing boats and one group of divers photographed and swam with the whales during the two-day event. A Whale Shark is not a whale (mammal) but is a gentle, non-dangerous, filter-feeding shark that is the largest living fish species.


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