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Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach 2012 Video

June 19, 2012 by admin

It was a wet weekend in SoWal but the Digital Graffiti crew perservered and pulled of an amazing two-night event. It poured rain on Friday and Saturday afternoons but held off both nights. The glistening streets and walkways reflected the mesmerizing art projected on to the walls of Alys Beach. The party at Caliza Pool on Saturday night was sizzling!

"I don't care about no art I just want to dance," said one young lady in a very short skirt headed in the direction of the thump thump from DJ Chachi poolside on Saturday. 

Crews scrambled to set up last-minute projectors and lighting effects around town as reverent and irreverent gawkers filled the streets and pedestrian paths between the courtyard homes, while a private owners-only rooftop party was underway.

The fifth year of Digital Graffiti was so big it had to be expanded to two nights. A "gallery night" on Friday with a smaller number of tickets available and artists on hand to discuss their creations, and a larger crowd on Saturday night with a vibrant party at Caliza Pool.

A week of Digital Graffiti might not be enough.


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