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Dread Clampitt Sunday at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach Video

February 25, 2015 by Kurt Lischka

Catch Dread Clampitt every Sunday at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach.

Left to right Kyle Ogle, Balder Saunders,  and Kenny Oliverio - http://www.dreadclampitt.com.

From the website:

There’s a jumpin’ little joint off of Hwy 30-A in the cozy laid back beach town of Grayton Beach, FL where if the food doesn’t get you the music will. Same as the chicken and the egg, it’s hard to say who came first, Dread Clampitt or the Red Bar.

On any given Sunday, the Red Bar is shaking. Literally. You know this because you can feel it in your feet as you approach the front door while inside Balder Saunders, Kyle Ogle and Kenny Oliverio -collectively known as Dread Clampitt tear through their set leaving the packed house dancing in their wake. Part legend, part tradition the magical combination has become a pilgrimage for people from every corner of the map and as well as locals alike who all with testify, there is nothing like a Dread Clampitt show.

When Dread Clampitt is rockin’ the Red Bar, they draw all kinds of people as the night goes on, rednecks and hippies are both right at home. Elbow-to-elbow feet moving and heads bobbing, politicians, boat captains, beach bums, celebrities and oystermen too. You can be yourself at a Dread show, it doesn’t matter what you do.

Dread Clampitt cooks up one of a kind homemade music. It’s a tasty sonic gumbo of influences ranging from bluegrass, rock & roll, blues, jazz and Louisiana Bayou funk complete with three part harmonies and pinch of southern humor thrown in for good measure.

The secret of Dread Clampitt is out and they are now making waves throughout the country, but the band always comes home to the Red Bar. In Spring 2012, the band will release “Live At The Red Bar” as a tribute to the diehard fans and the venue that has supported them since the beginning and continues to help spread their musical gospel of good times, originality and flip-flop freedom.



Love the Red Bar! So glad to know it is being rebuilt.
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