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Grayton Beach Coral Reef Video Reveals Hidden Beauty

June 5, 2013 by SoWal Staff

Uncommon scenes show the hidden beauty just offshore from Grayton Beach on one of our many natural reefs. Local charter Captain Kerry Jones has been a diver for many years and got a new camera and lighting rig to capture this spectacular footage, which was edited and shared by local artist Edmond Alexander.

"I was delighted to turn the beautiful video clips into a movie for all to enjoy. It is often said that Grayton Beach is such a beautiful place," says Edmond. "I now know that we have only see a portion of that beauty. I do hope this footage encourages county officials to seriously consider the plan to develop shallow water artificial reefs along the South Walton Beaches."

The normally drab blue-green of the reef explodes with color when Kerry's artificial light highlights the fish, sponges and corals. It is often said that it is difficult to shoot a video of a tropical reef that is not beautiful, and this video certainly proves the point.

For fishing and diving adventures In the Grayton Beach area contact: Kerry Jones, Not A Dog Charters at (850) 685-7318
Mike Valentino, Trigger Happy Fishing, (850) 685-6787


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