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Spring 2012 Bocce Ball Tournament in Rosemary Beach Video and Photos

April 16, 2012 by SoWal Staff

Another perfect Spring day in SoWal was the setting for the 6th Annual Bombora Sun and Surf Spring Bocce Ball Tournament at Rosemary Beach, Florida on April 7th, 2011. Congratulations to  trophy winners Gage Golden and Reese Harrison. Find out more http://www.facebook.com/groups/191706614478

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Athletic Aspect
It is clear that, considering the weight of the balls and the distance they are thrown, apart from ability and precision that are the basis of the game, the game of "Bocce" also demands a certain amount of strength and stamina.

Social Aspect
The exceptional democratic spirit of the game of "Bocce" is the basis on which its deeply peaceful character is founded. It is often the beginning of long friendships.

Open Bocce Rules:
For the tournament, there will be 2 players per team. Each side chooses one color of bocce ball, and if applicable, each player chooses a different design or color of ball.

Typically a coin toss is used to determine who will be the first team to throw. An imaginary "foul line" should be determined, which the players must stay behind when they throw.

In open bocce, a player may either toss or "bowl" the ball.

The pallino, the smaller target ball, is the first to be thrown. The distance and direction that it is thrown can be determined by this first player. The same player then throws a bocce ball, aiming to land it as close to the pallino as possible.

The second team then gets a chance to land a bocce ball closer to the pallino than the first team's ball. Once this is accomplished, the team with the closer ball is considered "inside."

Once a team is "inside," they will then step aside so that the "outside" team can attempt to become "inside." Each team will continue a turn until they successfully land a bocce ball "inside" or until they run out of balls to throw.

When all of the balls have been thrown, one point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallino than the opposing team's balls. Only the team with the most "inside" ball will receive a point. The first team to reach 13 points in a set will win the set. If the 2 teams are equidistant from the pallino, there on no points awarded and the same team that threw the pallino does it again.

Consecutive or alternating throws is at the option of the teammates themselves.


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