Seagrove Village Market Café

When George and Ann Hartley bought the Seagrove Village Market Café in July 1999, they knew they were buying a piece of history and pledged to maintain the Seagrove tradition that has kept hungry beach lovers coming back year after year.

What a story Seagrove Village Market would tell if walls could talk. When Seagrove developer Cube McGee first opened the Market in 1949, Scenic 30A was just a little piece of dirt road and the market was the only place nearby to buy gas or use the payphone. Cube stocked the store with basic necessities for the handful of families that owned homes in Seagrove. Those same homeowners would keep a spare key in a box at the Market. If family came down or a repair person needed to get in the house, they would just go to the market and pick up the key.

“Back in the early days, the market not only offered up great fried food and burgers, but also served as the grocery store for the community,” says Ann. 

Today, the emphasis has changed from the grocery aspect to the still sought-after meals and an expanded souvenir department which includes cool, colorful t-shirts and all things Seagrove.

And when the old building was just one good hurricane from being blown off the map, George and Ann took a proactive approach and built a new one emulating the original. Seagrove Village Market 2.0. The market will continue to be the place to meet, greet, eat, and be comfortable doing it in your flip flops and bathing suit. “This place has great juju and we are dedicated to keeping the vibe,” says Ann.

"We have witnessed multiple generations of families whose GRANDPARENTS came here as children," says George. "We’re looking forward to watching and experiencing this scene as it morphs into the future…deep fried love...always a good thing, right here in little ol’ Seagrove Beach!"

Seagrove Village Market Café serves Deep Fried Love just a few paces from the original site established in 1949. The café is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday, and on Sundays for lunch only. Call ahead for To-Go orders at (850) 231-5736 and pick up at the convenient window outside. Visit and follow them on Facebook for stories, menus and more. 


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When will your website be functioning so that I can buy some of your buttery soft tee shirts? We didn't make it down there this summer, but would love to update my current ones that I wear all the time. Thanks!

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