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Jun 2, 2005
I thought about it...but it's much more fun being enigmatic. You never know, I just might be RuPaul

I will give you this much...SHELLY is my "Nom de Plume"

No, don't tell . . . it's much more interesting not knowing. I love a good mystery.


SoWal Insider
Jun 13, 2005
Where is the logic in owning your own home free and clear... Are you anti American? Did you not read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"? Shelly, we must talk. Lets meet at Starbucks at 9am on Friday :cool: . I promise, I will not expose your secret identity. :D

The author being the velcro wallet guy who's now touring the country as a keynote speaker in the 2-Day Infomerical "Real Estate Wealth Expo--One Weekend Can Make You A Millionaire."
(Which, by the way, has dropped the statement "One Weekend Can Make You a Millionaire" from the seminar title about 2 months ago :cool: Probably should have been changed to "One weekend will make "me" a million")Cash or Charge?

Here's what the promoters say: "Whether it's $5k, $50k or $5 million, Real Estate investing is your answer! Real Estate investing provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk. :lie: Virtually every great fortune in the U.S. was made by property investors and federal, state and local tax laws :rotfl: ensure that this trend will continue."

Here's a story from "behind the scenes:" Enjoy.
Part 1

Part II
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Bobby J

Beach Fanatic
Apr 18, 2005
Blue Mountain beach
I was only playing about owning your own home free and clear. I actually never agreed with his take on that. I however agree with his take on Real Estate being a great investment versus the stock market. I personally like to pull up to my investment....


Beach Comber
Mar 5, 2006
What can we do to fix everything? Stop the greed, then everything will fall into place.

Because I've lived in the panhandle for decades my viewpoint of "local beauty" is far different from that of newcomers. If someone had told me in the 70's Hwy 98 would be choked with traffic; condos, houses and seawalls would line the beaches; access to the beaches would be cut off by private developments; and the regular Joe couldn't find an affordable place to live; I would have told them they were out of their mind too! (And that was less than 40 years ago!)

And because I follow the economy of the US, I know we are not in a very good place--and eventually the economy is going to have to flush itself, and it's not going to be pretty for the unprepared. For those who want ignore the warnings, who cares? Keep spending borrowed money like there is no tomorrow. But like they say in the biz, "During recessions money is returned to its rightful owner."

There are plenty of Pollyannas on the forum...I don't mind playing the :evil:'s advocate.

Just like I may seem like the person who stands on the corner and shouts "Repent, the end is near"...I view those who keep trying to reform my way of thinking like a Jehovah Witness who incessantly pound on the door trying to get me to change my ways. :D's not gonna happen.
I agree with Shelly, greed. Everyone got greedy, the Real Estate agents and investors pusing the price up based on speculation, the appraisers for speculative appraising, the lenders wanting to make their origination fees and junk fees with risky financing. Here is a thought, take away the hurricaines and higher insurance, take away the lucrative financing, take away the 40 year lows for interest rates. Were there ever enough end user buyers to buy all these new condos? With all these new condos coming for sale, have the builders really over built for the end user demand? If so, that is bad, now add back in the hurricaines and higher insurance, the interest rates are now longer at the 40 year lows, lender financing has tightened up. These are my thoughts and Shelly may be on to something here!

Bobby J

Beach Fanatic
Apr 18, 2005
Blue Mountain beach
I agree with you on the greedy part but you forgot one more greedy part... The buyer(myself included). Not one buyer was forced into anything. One last thing, some of these threads go on like the real estate market is over. It has only changed. To all you agents, get out, get dirty, 2003- 2005 is over! This new market is challenging but sales are happening. If you read and believe these doomsayer comments you would want to move. Shelly, makes alot of good points but I do not believe Shelly has a complete understanding of the whole market and certAIN AREAS OF THE MARKET. Some stuff is going to be a disaster but some stuff is going to be ok. You can never make general statements about 30A. Too many people want to be here. Just my thoughts...;-)

Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004
Bobby hits on a good point -- The buyers always set the market price. I, too, agree with sberry123 regarding the greed from many sides.


SoWal Insider
Apr 7, 2006
New York/ Santa Rosa Beach
Where is the logic in owning your own home free and clear... Are you anti American? Did you not read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"? Shelly, we must talk. Lets meet at Starbucks at 9am on Friday :cool: . I promise, I will not expose your secret identity. :D

The logic is being able to sleep at night knowing you don't owe anyone any money if something happens to you or your spouse.
I am a mortgage broker, and I own my primary residence free and clear.
There was greed all over the country, but I was even more shocked in 2002 when I came to SoWal looking for property for long term investment and for eventual primary housing.
I had SELLING agents tell me they could re-list a property even before I closed for a substantial amount more than what I paid.
I asked them what the little old lady might think who trusted them with them listing who was supposed to get the highest and best price. I personally looked at many beach communities along the East coast and never saw anything as drastic like what was going on in Florida and Nevada. No ffense to realtors on this Board, I am sure you're still in the biz for a good reason.

My husband called it capitalism. To me capitalism has a more defined definition.
Shelly's opinions may be a little extreme at times, but I think "it" is right on the money right now. Economics is NOT an exact science and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but don't knock someone who has taken the time to explain basic economic principles on these threads by asking them to be more specific?
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