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Smiling JOe

SoWal Expert
Nov 18, 2004
So maybe I should reconsider the daily walks in the woods with my dogs....
Not at all. Bears don't like dogs. Dogs will tree a bear. Bears also don't like people. They do however like junk food out of your garbage can or your back pack.
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Matt J

May 9, 2007
Panthers are only a problem if they have scarce or no food. Based on the number of raccoons, possums, and deer in this area everyone should be just fine.


SoWal Expert
Feb 15, 2005
We were at Pizza bar on Saturday night, and there was a lot of rustling in the brush on the dune next to the terrace. Then a bush started swaying and shaking- definitely NOT one of the Seaside cats. We thought it was a bear (that bush was really moving), then a little face popped out- a raccoon! He was as surprised as we were!


Beach Lover
Feb 2, 2006
chicago burb
Bears, smares, they want hurt you. However, a Florida Panther was spotted last weekend in the Pt. Washington Forest, we belive in the BMB area.:shock:
My husband saw a panther in that exact area last winter. (Feb. ) He reported it to Florida Wildlife person who didn't seem to believe him at all. Thanks for the info-now we know he wasn't just seeing "things"!



SoWal Guide
Staff member
Nov 15, 2004
South Walton, FL
yeah, didn't you hear about the missing bikers? All they found were some torn shreads of their pooped biking shorts. (oh, wait, Halloween is over. Nevermind)

In general, the bears and panthers are far less dangerous than crossing 30A on a bicycle, and driving down Hwy 331. Bears and panthers are cool.

yes they are!

today, 3 small deer slowly walked right in front of my car at car pool in Pt Washington, crossing the little dirt road just 30 feet from the front door of the school. how wonderful to see these creatures all around us.

I do worry a little about gators, bears (and now panthers) when walking alone in the woods around Pt Washington, but not too much.


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007
Most wildlife in the US* will not hurt you as long as you are not being stupid or feeding them.

Raccoons are precursors to bears - secure your trash and you solve 95% of the wildlife problem.

*except for polar bears, moose, mountain lions, and grizzlies


Beach Fanatic
Jan 8, 2006
I am more fearful of snakes than bears. I recognize that this is not logical, but I've had some unfortunate snakey experiences. My bear sightings have all ended with the bears (i) being smaller than expected and (ii) running the other direction.
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