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Jul 11, 2005
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The Bureau of Survey and Mapping is supposedly responsible for this..."Locates the mean high water line as recognized in the State Constitution as the boundary between state sovereignty land and uplands subject to private ownership for the Coastal Mapping Act (F.S. 177 Part II)." I can Google too!!:D Also check out this. I believe one has to obtain a surveyor to establish this line on your property just like a regular survey but a little more involved.

Thanks, you are a much better googler than me. ;-)


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Dec 15, 2006
Once again to many armchair quarterbacks playing lawyer. My wife is a lawyer and for a change to cause somebody to have the ability to get out of a contract it has to be BOTH Material AND Adverse. Basic florida condo law. It takes a very knowledgeable attorney to understand all this certainly not some of the people posting. Since the developer spent the money and is trying to get it approved I can just guess that since the lot is closer and it is bigger and gives everything they thought they were getting how could somebody argue it is Adverse? Seems silly to me.

The other point my wife just made is that the people on here calling people liars and charging illegal action better be ready to defend themselves in court so they should be very sure of what they are saying.

Will they be voting on signage tonight too?
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Dec 31, 2005
edroe, did you not answer this post for a reason? it seemed pretty direct.

edroe, your wish has come true. this is the second most viewed thread on the board, besides the 'favorite restaurants' thread. still, i'm not really sure what your stake is here, besides that of a concerned citizen. but, the quantity and fervor of your posts leads me to believe it is more than that.

1. what exactly are you trying to acomplish here?
2. do you own property on Blue Mountain Road?
3. do you own property in Blue Mountain Beach?
3. are you a former employee of RFV?
4. do you hold a current reservation in RFV?

pretty simple yes or no answers will suffice, except for #1. i ask only because if your readers have a better idea of your involvement, it may be easier for them to understand your posts, and/or help you with your quest.

thanks in advance for your direct response.
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Dec 1, 2004
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edroe, did you not answer this post for a reason? it seemed pretty direct.

I can take an educated guess, John R ... It would be that EDROE has a contract on a RFV unit which he wants out of. He "fished" for daayyssss to find out what anybody else might know regarding the project dealings, hoping for information to use to help get out of his contract. He is more concerned about being able to cancel his contract than how the Private Beach Access will affect the community, or adjacent homeowners. Like I said --- that is just my guess.;-) :dunno:


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Jan 18, 2006
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Unplugged...County approved Redfish Village proposal.

So for the benefit of those who only casually viewed this thread without bloodying their knuckles, who wins and who loses the debate? I couldn't even tell who was arguing for what after maybe the third page, it all seemed like a merry-go-round spewing venom:lol:
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