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Leader of the Banned

Beach Fanatic
Apr 23, 2013
Another thing to keep in mind is that bridge supports in general are not immune to problems due to flooding, so a bridge instead of a causeway isn't necessarily going to be a cure-all. If it's not designed properly I imagine it could be a bigger maintenance nightmare than patching up a causeway.

Lake View Too

SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
Could they just build a good size ramp on each side, and we could just jump it?

Matt J

May 9, 2007
Why is this meeting being held in Defuniak Springs? To limit turnout of people impacted by road closure?

No, this was added to the agenda and the meeting was already happening in Defuniak. The county goes from the Annex to Defuniak every other meeting.


Beach Comber
Oct 21, 2009
Don't know about anyone else, but the longer this goes on, the madder I get. A few observations/questions, I can't think of any other section of county maintained highway that generates as many sales and bed tax dollars as the 17 miles of 30A, yet I can't recall any seeing any tax dollars expended, beyond minor maintenance, in the last 3 years. As someone who travels between Blue Mountain Beach and Watercolor Publix on a daily basis, it has been obvious for almost 2 months that the water on the North side of 30A at Big Redfish has been dangerously high, yet absolutely nothing was done about it. Does this qualify as negligence on the part of the County Public Works Department, or just neglect. And this is not just a local concern, every taxpayer in Walton County is on the hook now for a $25 or $30K problem that has been turned into a $500,000 problem. You have to wonder if FEMA will look at this situation and say "You allowed the problem to exist for two months, fix it yourself". And don't think that similar problems don't exist other places on 30A. The sinkhole another poster referenced East of Ed Walline is simply being patched on a monthly basis, with no attempts to address the actual problem. And the patching only began after the fatality at that location a year ago. The counties liability for that could dwarf any cost of fixing the situation. It's time for out elected representatives, county employees to start answering some questions about priorities and decision making processes on the local and county level.


Beach Lover
Jan 7, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
I live in EWal and work in WeWal so I really hate to detour everyday to "Bloody 98". It is so aggravating to live in such a beautiful area and have it maintained by folks who really don't seem to care about it. Why didn't they take action against the beavers/weeds if they received warning in July? This should not have happened. My scenic drive has become very tiresome, shame on Public Works if they are responsible.


Beach Comber
Sep 25, 2007
At the least it was neglect, but that's the past. I want to see if our commissioners can make a wise and timely decision and get to work. One of the first things that should be done is to evaluate the pedestrian bridge and if safe reopen it. People walking and riding their bikes on the roadway next to a big hole is not the best situation.

Matt J

May 9, 2007
Looks like it'll be closed for another 6 months, at least, until a bridge can be built.
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