For the Health of It Celebrates 20 Years in Blue Mountain Beach

May 19, 2015 by Manny Chavez

Seems like yesterday that Ed Berry and Rachel Morgan opened up their Blue Mountain grocery, For the Health of it, but it’s been 20 years and the neighborhood health food store is still going strong.

Almost twice the size of its original floor plan, the store up on the hill at High Point continues to supply the area with the freshest of organic foods. Walk into the store and head to the right and the fresh vegetable display will take your breath away. Smells good, feels good, and tastes good too! Hard to decide on just which organic produce to take home, but you can be assured it's all certified organic, grown without pesticides, and haven’t been on the shelf long.

Rachel is a third-generation Walton Country grocery store owner and, as she puts it, “My need to feed Walton County is pretty big…running a grocery, especially an organic grocery, is a labor of love and I really believe in what I do. Taking on this business meant that I had to be willing to take on healthy living as a lifestyle. Walking the walk for sure…”

Throughout the years the business has grown to offer different products and services. In addition to their organic foods, they offer fresh juices and smoothies, a wide variety of vitamins and supplements, organic grass-fed meats, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and a certified, therapeutic message clinic.

Asked who their typical customer would be, Rachel is quick to reply “Everybody…every walk of life seems to be seeking health. We have repeat customers who literally do all their grocery shopping here. We’ve watched their children grow up in here shopping with their parents. It is a real melting pot of people. With today’s fast food mentality, a healthy diet won’t just happen. It takes work.”

Rachel is quick to note that kids don’t get physical education in schools anymore.
“Kids need dirt and sunshine, that’s how you grow a kid!” laughs Rachel.  “Along with proper food of course. Processed foods have ingredients that are addictive to children and junk food is everywhere.”

Rachel keeps a staff who are genuinely interested in a healthy lifestyle and are knowledgeable in how to help customers with their food, vitamin, supplement, and health choices.  “In general, people who come in here are very open in their need for health remedies. They need help with allergies, joint pain, cancer problems, weight loss strategies, etc. We learn things from customers every day! They are all just trying to take care of themselves."

“If you want to know the pulse of the health of the community, come to For the Health of it…we are the CDC,” laughs Rachel.

Although Ed and Rachel have divorced and have gone their separate ways, Rachel continues to run the business and has no plans for retirement. Pressed to explain how their business has survived 20 years, Rachel feels that being part of the community has been key.  

“I’ve got everything I need right here to keep myself healthy. I feel like this is my purpose. This is what I’m supposed to do…I’m going to ride this puppy,” she laughs.  And what a healthy laugh it is, indeed. Walkin’ the walk to the fullest.

For more information regarding For the Health of it, please call 850-267-0558 or visit For The Health of It is located in Blue Mountain Beach at 2217 W. County Hwy. 30A. Follow For the Health of It on Facebook for updates on products and seasonal produce.

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