Great Days Ahead for Grayt 30A Vacation Rentals

January 17, 2020 by Manny Chavez

Not long ago, in a not-so-far-off land, there existed a magic kingdom known as Scenic Hwy. 30A….locals and visitors to this enchanted land were amazed at the beauty of the area and just how doggone friendly everyone seemed. 

Fast-forward to today, and it seems that some of the old-time feel-goodness has worn off a bit, but if Grayt 30A Vacation Rentals owners Jerri Bryant and Vijay Cohoon have anything to do with it, they are hell-bent on bringing back the good-old days to the SoWal community.

Although they are the “new kids on the block” with their beach home rental program, they bring with them a wealth of experience and have positioned their knowledgeable staff to offer the best in personalized customer service.

“We both have been in the vacation rental industry for over a decade now and felt like the time was right to bring back the personal touch where our vacation rental company will share a true partnership with our homeowners,” says Jerri. “We will provide a service where loyalty to the homeowners, vendors, guests and employees are routine rather than the exception.”

Once the decision was made to partner up, they set forth to establish a small boutique-style, locally owned, locally run vacation rental company that services the Scenic 30A area. They are geared-up to manage around 50 beach homes and plan to limit their listings. Not interested in quantity, with a real emphasis on QUALITY, they can’t wait to roll out the “welcome mat” and get things going the old-fashioned way.

They’ve done the heavy lifting, and now, with the staffing they have in place, Jerri and Vijay are confident they can assure a high level of service for guests and owners. Their select Scenic 30A rentals are in good LOCAL hands…. managed by staffers who live here, raise their families here, and are involved  in the local community.

Grayt 30A Vacation rentals are spread out over the Scenic Hwy. 30-A area with homes mixed in within most of the communities. Reservations are being taken for March 1, 2020 occupancy.

“We (our staff) are all just a little ‘Mayberry Family’ and want to do a good job for everybody,” says Jerri. “We’re not here to get big, we just want to make a decent living doing a really good job and at the end of the day, know that we’ve done good.”

Continuing with their Family Values, Jerri (Director of Operations) and Vijay (General Manager), will soon implement their ultimate employee benefit: “We’re building this company to be an employee-run company whereby they will have the opportunity to be vested….that way we can insure that the company STAYS local and even when we  get out, the employees can pass on to the next local/family group.”

Another plus to booking your dream vacation home from Grayt 30A Vacations is the generous (up to $560) Beach Gear Credit towards available gear such as bikes, umbrellas, paddle boards, and beach loungers. Beach gear must be ordered no later than 48 hours prior to arrival date and will be delivered to the rental home on the day of arrival. Grayt 30A has partnered with VayK Gear to offer this service. Be sure to inquire as to the beach gear credit when you book your stay.

Jerri and Vijay have  their eyes on the prize and are itching to make something old new again….happy times in a happy place, punctuated with laughter and that feel-good fuzziness that will take you into that green flash sunset! They want their guests to feel at home here in SoWal and to plan on their next vacation to be right back here in their neighborhood!

For further information please call 844-941-1213. Location: 2166 W. County Hwy 30A (just west of Hwy 83). Visit or on Facebook and Instagram.


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