Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics Now Offering MLS Laser Therapy

November 14, 2015 by SoWal Staff

Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics recently added MLS Laser Therapy to its practice, growing its reputation as a leader in dental technology in our community. MLS, or Multi-wave Lock System, is a technology that uses a patented combination of wavelengths to either relieve pain or promote accelerated healing. And the best part, MLS Laser Therapy can be used on patients during routine dental procedures to reduce pain. 
In the dental industry, the MLS Laser can be used in conjunction with almost any dental procedure as it promotes healing and reduced inflammation, sensitivity, and soreness. The laser dilates the vessels which improves vascular activity, increased metabolic activity and accelerates the tissue repair along with cell growth. Due to these results, this technology is now being used on orthodontic patients where treatment is accelerated by 30%.
The staff and dentists at Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics are highly trained in using a trigger point guide to effectively stimulate pain points for quick and effective ease of pain, especially for acute pain in TMJ patients.

Since the laser offers an anti-inflammatory effect on wounds, patients can experience faster wound healing without the use of any medications for pain or inflammation. Favorable feedback from patients has already been noted since patients are able to go back to work post procedures since they are not under the influence of narcotics. 
Dr. Mike O’Donnell is proud to be at the forefront of technology with the MLS Laser and is one of the only dental practices with this type of in-house laser technology in our area.               

“It’s amazing the capacity this laser has to reduce inflammation while promoting pain management and healing. We can target any pain or postoperative discomfort and use the laser to heal any inflamed tissue or surgical site. It is also an excellent addition to treatment plans for TMD patients and patients that suffer from shoulder, neck and head pain,” says Dr. O'Donnell

Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics is a leader in providing advanced dentistry for the whole family. Dr. O'Donnell and his team work to make each patient's smile bright and healthy through personalized dental services using the best available technology. Dr. O’Donnell and his expert team utilize the highest quality of standards and the latest technologies, techniques, and materials. Ninety-nine percent of procedures are completed in-house, including oral surgery, root canals, orthodontics, and complete smile makeovers. 
Great Florida Smiles & Orthodontics is located at 870 Mack Bayou Road in Santa Rosa Beach near Sacred Heart Hospital and has a second location at 57 Bruce Avenue in DeFuniak Springs. Call 850-622-5888 for appointments and visit them on the web at and


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