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September 14, 2022 by Abby Eller

Whether the design challenge is a custom home, a renovation project, or neighborhood planning, Mark Tanney provides clients with results that surpass expectations!

Founded in 1995 by Mark Tanney, TanneyDesign is a Design and Planning Company located in Panama City Beach. TanneyDesign provides services to the Emerald Coast and beyond with a focus on making your home work for you. 

“Each finished project is a reward. It fulfills a need and/or desire of the client, and is something people occupy and use everyday," explains Mark when asked what he views to be the most worthwhile part of his profession. "But the most rewarding aspects are meeting new clients with every new project and being part of their journey.”

Mark's extensive knowledge in custom residential design and neighborhood planning allows TanneyDesign to take on complex design challenges with skill, experience, and tenacity. 

19 Hideaway Circle, Seclusion Bay, Santa Rosa Beach (Photo: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography)

"The owners of 19 Hideaway Circle had 2 unique requests : a butler’s pantry behind the kitchen and dual showers in the master bath," states Mark. "This house also has a hidden upstairs, complete with guest room, guest bath, guest sitting area, and the kids theater room."

For almost 30 years, Mark has produced exceptional solutions for a variety of clients. These solutions can be seen and visited along the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle in special places like Grayton Beach, Seaside, Seacrest, Rosemary Beach, Wild Heron, Bay Point, Panama City Beach, and Tapestry Park.

Sketch of Tapestry Park, the first Traditional Neighborhood Development in Panama City Beach, Florida, was developed by Mark Tanney of TanneyDesign.

Navigating the industry takes precision, perseverance and patience. Mark credits his success to, “being able to think from big picture to smallest detail, and everything in-between, all the time. Every decision is based on many many factors, including not only juxtaposition, proportion, and aesthetics, but Codes, the Program, Scope of Work, etc.”

Re-designing an existing home is a great way to nestle yourself into an "established" neighborhood with a Custom Residential Design. Mark can evaluate your existing home, or a house in your "target" neighborhood, blend it with your Program, and transform it into your Dream Home. 

104 Atticus Road, Rosemary Beach

"104 Atticus was one of the few remaining lots where only the Carriage House was built. Being in Rosemary Beach, the exterior design needed to be compatible with the traditional styles in the neighborhood, as well as the existing Carriage House," explains Mark. "An important feature that really ties the interior to the Chad Horton designed pool/spa in the courtyard is the 24 foot wide by 10 foot tall folding doors."

Work with Mark to develop your Program, your home life map, and he will transform the way you want to live into the way you will live. Whether intended or not, your home is an expression of who you are. Influence it.

Whether the design challenge is a custom home, a renovation project, or neighborhood planning, TanneyDesign leaves their clients with a product that surpasses expectations. Call (850) 238-2160 for an appointment to discuss your vision, future plans, or if you simply need an experienced and knowledgeable opinion. Visit for additional information.



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