Namaste from the Mind and Spirit of Justin Gaffrey

July 26, 2014 by SoWal Staff

There's no doubt that Justin Gaffrey is one of South Walton's most successful and appreciated artists. His beautiful work is usually drawn from natural SoWal features and is distinct and instantly recognizable. He's recently entered a new phase of work which is a bit deeper and more personal than his usual popular work of flowers and local landscapes.

He wrote this poem recently while traveling and it is not only striking and emotional, it seems to be the perfect fulcrum point for the next phase of his life and career. The poem was incorporated into the subsequent painting - it grabs you and pulls you deeper still.

you are not who you think you are
you are not who you think you are
you are not who you think you are
you are not what you are afraid of
you are not who you love
you are not what they say you are
you are not what they taught you
you are not your job
you are not who you think you are
you are not who your neighbor thinks you are
you are not what they did to you
rip your hair, peel your skin, tear your flesh, break your bones, erase your mind, trash the pain, discard the envy, be kind to what's inside
love what's under your bones
love what you hate in others
shed your skin, shed your life, accept your beauty
be who you were before you knew who you are.

~Justin Gaffrey, 2-16-14

All is beautiful inside, represented by a surreal bouquet.

Namaste in the Studio

There's still plenty of Justin's ever-popular work in the galleries in Seaside and Blue Mountain Beach.


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