Nick's 10th Annual Redfish Roundup Celebrates Our Bay May 16

May 7, 2015 by SoWal Staff

Nick’s Seafood Restaurant in Freeport will hold their 10th Annual Old Nick’s Redfish Round-Up on May 16 with a total payout of $12,000. In light of the tournament’s 10th anniversary, the Nick family wants raise awareness for the health and sustainability of Choctawhatchee Bay and the species that inhabit those waters, such as the redfish, by donating proceeds from their 2015 tournament series to the Stewards of Choctawhatchee Bay, the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance (CBA).
Restaurant owner Trey Nick is the third generation of the Nick family to operate Nick’s Seafood Restaurant in Freeport (Basin Bayou). Growing up in the fishing community, Trey has a deep respect for local waterways and the environment. His love for the sport attracted him to CBA many years ago, and has led to a strong partnership with the organization over the years.       

“Trey Nick is a founding member of CBA’s growing community of watershed stewards. We are so grateful for the support and enthusiasm that Trey brings to CBA and our efforts to promote the health and wealth of our local waterways,” said Alison McDowell, Director of CBA.

The Old Nick’s Redfish Round-Up was named the ‘largest redfish tournament on the Gulf Coast’ last year, and for the 10th anniversary of the tournament, Nick’s expects nothing less. The catch and release tournament is tailored to give each angler an opportunity to grow an appreciation for the species by bringing them in to weigh, alive. Once the fish have been judged and weighed, they will be placed into a live-well to rehabilitate, then will be released back into the Bay.
“We hope that the anglers will develop a sense of responsibility after seeing the catch and release process through, that the impact that they make as fishermen and women plays a big role in the population of the species in our waters," said Trey. "Our hope is that when the anglers leave the tournament, they go on to educate others in the fishing community about proper practices that will allow future generations to enjoy the same bounty that we do now. That’s how the Nick’s family has survived for three generations, and we hope to breed like-minded anglers the same way."
CBA will play an active role in this year’s tournament, judging the anglers' catch as they come to weigh-in. For details and to register for the tournament, please visit
CBA is a non-profit watershed organization whose efforts are focused on raising awareness to increase the health and sustainability of local waterways, through the monitoring, research, restoration and education of the Choctawhatchee watershed. For over 19 years, CBA has promoted water stewardship within the Choctawhatchee Watershed, growing the network of supporters who have joined in the mission to provide a future for these natural resources.       

Nick's Seafood is located on the water in Freeport, Florida.Head north on hwy 331 to Freeport, hang a left on hwy 20 through townfor about 10 miles to Basin Bayou and you'll see Nick's on the left.It’s not as far as you think - just twenty minutes or so - come out andget the seafood you dream about. Read more in this SoWal feature story covering Nick's and the family behind it and see our photo gallery.







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