October Is Coastal Dune Lake Month: Events

October 3, 2022 by SoWal Staff

Walton County has officially designated October as Coastal Dune Lake Month. This is a new designation, and is a welcome addition to our calendar with many ways to honor our unique SoWal Coastal Dune Lakes through education and activities.

The Coastal Dune Lake (CDL) Advisory Board was established in 2002 by the BCC in an effort to protect our South Walton Coastal Dune Lakes. In celebration of the past 20 years of protection efforts, the board will be hosting a month-long celebration to include community education and outreach, coastal dune lake cleanup activities, tours of the coastal dune lakes, restoration activities and more!

Learn more about SoWal Coastal Dune Lakes.

October 5th and 19th - Coastal Dune Lake Tour: Panhandle Outdoor Live: Coastal Dune Lake Lecture and Nature Trail Tour

Scene from the October 5th tour with Laura Tiu, Evan Anderson, and Ian Stone

October 12th and 17th - Jewels of Florida's Emerald Coast: Daily Television Schedules | WFSU Public Media

October 18th and 20th - Deer Lake State Park Restoration Tour: Deer Lake Restoration Tour
Learn more about Deer Lake State Park.

Every Saturday during October 2022, the Coastal Dune Lake Advisory Board is hosting a DIY Coastal Dune Lake Cleanup. Individuals or Groups can come together to cleanup the water's edge and outfall areas of the South Walton Coastal Dune Lakes.

Instructions: Pick you favorite coastal dune lake, pick up trash, place trash at a TDC trash receptacle, post a picture on the county Facebook page with the hashtag: #CDLCleanUp and thank you to all who participate!


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