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February 1, 2021 by Manny Chavez

The seed was planted for Planet Secure in 2005 when Ken Richard’s business in St. Louis was burglarized.

“When I went looking for a burglar alarm/security system, everyone wanted to charge me an arm and a leg,” explains Ken. “I just knew I could offer a good, reliable system for a fraction of the cost, so I started Skyeye Security in St. Louis. When we moved to SoWal in 2009, Planet Secure was born.”

With a sparkling showroom on Hwy 98 W next to 98 Bar-B-Que, Planet Secure offers the best in residential and commercial security systems. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their residence is protected against intruders, fire, gas leaks, flooding and furnace failure. Only the highest quality equipment is installed by experienced technicians backed up by the best monitoring service available.

“The main theme for everything we do is make it easy to use. We don’t sell anything hard to use,” says Ken.

When Planet Secure meets with a residential or commercial customer, they identify the specific needs of each client as they relate to network, cameras, audio, alarm and tv.

“We do all kinds of speakers and surround sound which can be bought directly from us. Mostly Samsung TV’s and Sonos speakers. We work on an ‘If…then’ scenario basis. For example, IF we leave a door open, THEN my house will text me in a certain amount of time. A Smart Home is an Automated Home.”

Regarding the home network, pretty much everything is controlled with your smartphone. Cameras, lights, smart alarms, locks, thermostats…all can be controlled by your smartphone.  The residential cameras are placed according to where they are needed in relation to the home design and landscaping. The alarm system, controlled by your phone, will signal you at the first sign of entry.

Planet Secure outfits Smart Homes, or “automated” homes with the ability to “talk” to your thermostats, lighting, and locks. Sensors can be attached to gun safes, liquor cabinets, drug or jewelry safes.

Planet Secure also handles Wi-Fi boosting which allows for their “5-bar” package….no more walking around the house in search of a better signal! TV wall mounting and home theater installations are a big part of Planet Securer’s business. Following installation, customers will be able to watch programs or listen to music throughout their homes with all the necessary equipment centrally located and out of sight using an easy- to- use interface on the TV, touch panel, or smart device. Free on-sight consultations are recommended with Samsung and Sonos products offered. Planet Secure is a direct Sonos dealer.

With today’s technology, everything that previously required extensive wiring can be done wirelessly.

“Our audio, cameras, television streaming, alarm systems, network system…all are wireless. Some camera systems require wiring, but not all,” explains Ken.

Planet Secure has secured a variety of commercial clients including Destin Commons, 30Avenue, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Whole Foods Destin, The Bay Restaurant,  and the St. Joe Company. Commercial clients generally require access control using card or keypad access for employees or clients.

“Wireless technology is ever-evolving,” says Ken, “and we undergo a lot of continual training with weekly instructional and safety meetings within our group.”

If you’ve ever checked out the SoWal BeachCams (and who hasn’t?), you were able to do so thanks to Planet Secure.

Planet Secure’s primary territory includes from Carillon Beach to Destin and north to Freeport. So if you are interested in arming your burglar alarm, turning off your lights from anywhere in the world, adjusting your A/C just before you arrive home, or unlocking your doors with your smartphone, Planet Secure can make it happen for as little as $39.99/month….all with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

“We sell cool stuff and we do the job right, actually showing our clients how it works…they smile, and our job is as good as it gets,” says Ken with his own grin.

For more information, please call 850-278-6226. Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. M-F. Location: 5008 Hwy. 98 W, unit #3 (next to 98 Bar-B-Que) - find out more at

Planet Secure also provides these services:

  • Hang TVs
  • Sell TVs (matching the big box stores prices!)
  • Improve your home Wi-Fi
  • Sell Sonos directly to you (Planet Secure is proud to be a TOP 10 Sonos Dealer on the east coast)
  • Access Control wristbands/cards for schools, pools, HOA's, and more
  • No Contract Burglar Alarms, Lowest price in town!
  • Security Camera Experts (no job too big or too small)
  • Hourly Tech Service $110/hr

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