Rosemary Beach Home Sales Through the Years

January 14, 2011 by Murray Balkcom

The inventory of homes listed for sale in Rosemary Beach, Florida peaked at 107 in June 2009. December 2010 ended with 66 homes actively listed for sale in Rosemary Beach, 38% less than the peak inventory. We haven’t seen inventory levels this low since the end of 2005.

Let's break it down and take a closer look . . .

Rosemary Beach Inventory of Homes from Years 2000-2010

Why is the inventory of homes in Rosemary Beach down? The answer is fairly simple — homes are selling! Since June 2009 when the inventory was at 107 homes, 54 homes have sold in Rosemary Beach!

In addition to inventory decreasing, in 2010, we saw 38 home sales in Rosemary Beach, which is the second best year, second to only 2004, regarding quantity of sales. Quantity of sales were up 100% over 2009! Very interestingly, when inventory goes down and quantity of sales go up, that is usually due to selling prices coming down. However, look at the following chart!

The median sold price for homes in Rosemary Beach, FL actually increased slightly in 2010. That says to me that buyers are seeing value in Rosemary Beach.


With home sales doubling in Rosemary Beach during 2010 compared to 2009, what do you expect happened with total dollar volume of sales? Total dollar volume of home sales actually increased 103% compared to 2009. Keep in mind that even though Rosemary Beach saw zero home sales during June and July, while waiting to see if oil hit our beautiful beaches, home sales were very impressive. Is the market beginning to rebound? It certainly looks like at least in Rosemary Beach, the market is coming back strongly.  Prices are still down from the peaks, but we are seeing an upturn in home sales.

How did other beach communities in South Walton compare to Rosemary in 2010? You will have to check back soon to see my reports on WaterSound and WaterColor. 

All sales data referenced above is provided by Emerald Coast Association of Realtors and is thought to be accurate but not guaranteed. Murray Balkcom is a licensed Realtor with The Premier Property Group.



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