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Seagrove on the Beach Property Rentals Has Your Perfect Vacation

April 27, 2018 by Manny Chavez

When it comes to SoWal property rental and management, Gary Bennett and Ed Arnsdorff make no bones about it … their company offers the BEST in customer service and they have a couple of decades in the business to prove it.

They have been partners in the rental property management business since 1995 with Gulf Front Realty and then with Paradise Found Vacation Rentals. Seagrove on the Beach Property Rentals was acquired from Marge and Donna Crawford in 1998.

Seagrove on the Beach Property Rentals was started back in 1949 by legendary SoWal developer C.H. McGee, “Mr. Seagrove,” back when Seagrove Beach was nothing more than a dirt road with scrub oaks and 45-foot bluffs dotting the landscape. McGee knew then, as we all know now, that the white sand beaches and Emerald Coast waters would someday be a huge attraction for visitors and potential land owners.

Asked why he thinks Seagrove on the Beach has had such a long history of repeat customers, Gary is quick to reply, “We provide a higher level of customer service to our customers…we’re very attentive to maintenance issues. We are not a corporate, cookie-cutter company and we listen to the customer’s (both home owners and renters) needs. Home owners now want to be involved with the everyday management of their properties and we are in tune with that. They tend to have an eye for what customer needs are and they want to address them.”

According to Gary, the digital age has been both good and bad for the rental business. “If you move with it, you are doing well…if not, you’ll be left behind. You’ve got to keep up with the changes. With customers now able to go online and ‘kick the tires,’ we must stay connected and make sure they are aware of what we have to offer.”

Gary is a big fan of Escapia, a software program that integrates with all platforms allowing for rental property partners to network with each other and keep each other honest. Viewers to their web site (seagrovebeach.com), can easily access all the information needed to browse their extensive collection of fantastic rental properties. Clicking on their Renters Page will allow for viewing still photos and virtual tours of the properties with easy on-line booking just a click away…don’t forget to check out their rental specials!

Gary sees the current SoWal property rental situation as a great opportunity for businesses to grow into and with current rapid property development.
“We have a unique, niche area here in SoWal and we should maintain it as best as we can. Area businesses should be working as a partnership rather than fighting each other. We all need to be working on solutions to traffic and beach access. Folks renting on the north side of County Hwy. 30A are finding beach access a bit challenging.”

With the current “customary use” of the beach in current litigation, visitors, beachfront home owners, and beachgoers in general are rightly confused by what beach activities are, or are not, allowed.

Seagrove on the Beach Property Rentals rents and manages properties from the west end of Scenic Hwy. 30-A to the west end of Panama City Beach (Pinnacle Port and Carillon Beach). Although Gary is always open for expansion, he would like to keep his company at a manageable level, offering the customer service model renters and property owners have grown to expect from Seagrove on the Beach Rentals.

“We treat people like ‘people’ so that we can focus on our customer attention,” continues Gary.

Our beautiful SoWal beaches and activities have been a magnet for visitors for a long time now…give Seagrove Beach Property Rentals a call…they are poised to accommodate you!

For more information, please call 850-231-4205 or go online to www.seagrovebeach.com. Location: 5311 E. Scenic 30A (just east of Eastern Lake).


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