SoWal Cottage Gets a BlueGreen Landscape Makeover

July 17, 2015 by Jill Tanner

I've been a SoWal local for 11 years and have lived in the same house for eight years. One day my husband Mark and I faced the fact that our cute cottage was in desperate need of an outdoor makeover. The landscaping was a mess and we knew just who to call.

BlueGreen Landscape Development had been recommended to us a few times, but we kept putting it off. This past Spring we got motivated and invited Harry Mandel, owner of BlueGreen, to come give us an estimate. He came over the same day and detailed different types of plants that would work well for our “low maintenance” request.

We aren’t green thumb people and didn’t want to be responsible for taking care of a lot of plants. Harry listened to everything we said and promptly came back with ideas.
The next week we visited BlueGreen’s nursery in Dune Allen Beach to browse through the colorful selection and pick out some things we liked. By the end of the week, the BlueGreen crew had all the main plants in – our new sabal palm, the orange tree, the windmill palm, the crepe myrtle, a Japanese bloodgood maple, two butterfly bushes and four bottlebrush bushes.

We changed our minds a few times about what we wanted to fill in the areas around the main plants, but finally decided on gardenias, pentas and dwarf oleanders. We also picked black mulch as the ground cover and opted for the irrigation system, because we can’t be trusted to water appropriately. The very next week, the project was complete and it was just what we dreamed of, but hadn’t been able to describe it. Thanks to BlueGreen’s professional opinion and a lot of patience, it was perfection.


Now, we can’t wait for the crepe myrtle to bloom and gardenias to give off their fragrance. Harry chose the bottlebrush because it will eventually form a "wall" to block out afternoon sun from our porch. The completed project changed the way our house looks beyond belief, and hopefully raised our property value a bit.



We believe in hard work and like to work with people who also work hard like BlueGreen. They are efficient, pleasant and very helpful. Give BlueGreen a call at (850) 660-1934 when you are ready to beautify your home. Visit for more information. 


Before photo of the Tanner cottage


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Jill is a long-time SoWal local transplanted from Georgia. Jill enjoys writing movie scripts in her bit of spare time.

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