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June 8, 2012 by SoWal Staff

Alys Beach, Florida is one of the newest "new urban" towns in South Walton and it is perhaps the most visually unique because of its distinct blend of mediterranean and island style. Take a stroll down the center of town along the stone-lined pedestrian path and feel yourself transported to another world.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do and places to see in Alys Beach:

The Alys Beach Amphitheater is the perfect place for families to enjoy outdoor concerts, movies and children's plays!

The annual 30A Wine Festival at Caliza Pool is one of the finest wine festivals we've been to. The food is amazing also.

Caliza Pool happy hour or dinner will transport you to another world (Caliza means "limestone" in Spanish).

Fonville Hill and playground at Fonville Press is one of South Walton's most favorite places for kids.

Alys Beach has an amazing Cypress pond wetland area boardwalk offering an opportunity to explore a part of Florida rarely seen.

Lake Marilyn is a special place to take a stroll around the lake and across Somerset Bridge with great views.

Digital Graffiti every June is a unique and fascinating festival with digital art projected onto the town's white walls.

Abrakadoodle Art often sponsors "Parents' Night Out" entertaining the kids with hands-on art projects while parents get a night out on the town.

Charlie's Donut Truck is a must stop for lovers of the handmade sweet treats - open every morning until sold out.

George's at Alys Beach is a locals' favorite place to eat lunch and dinner, the building was moved from old Seagrove.

Take a leisurely walk down the pedestrian path from Scenic 30A to Lake Marilyn and enjoy the fabulous architecture.

An Alys Beach wedding is one that is sure to be remebered - where better to wear white than the white town with the white sand?

Be sure to check out all Alys Beach has to offer when you visit South Walton. Contact Alys Beach Vacation Rentals to reserve one of the awesome homes there. We'd love to hear your experiences and tips.


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