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SoWal SpotsThat Hit the Sweet Spot!

March 27, 2020 by SoWal Staff

Being at the beach sometimes calls for a tasty treat. Do you like snow cones, ice cream, candies, or chocolate? SoWal has it all, but we are always looking for a new sweet store! Here is the latest SoWal List including some of the best little sweet shops in town.

Blue Mountain Creamery  
Blue Mountain Creamery is known for it’s fine artisanal ice cream, sorbet and hard-pack yogurt, made fresh daily.  The signature yogurt is made with real yogurt (no powders or artificial flavorings), is much lower in fat and sugar than traditional ice cream, and offers the same healthy benefits of yogurt while providing the satisfaction of a premium ice cream. The fresh fruit Sorbets are a refreshing non-fat non-dairy delicious treat that is also used to flavor the all-natural green tea based smoothies. Stop in and grab a treat right across from Red Fish Village in Blue Mountain Beach.
Kilwin’s Chocolates and Ice Cream  
Kilwin’s in Grand Boulevard has it all! From chocolate, toffee, and caramel, to fudge, apples, corns, and brittles, everyone will fall in love with Kilwin’s. Baskets for special occasion gifts are available. Grand Boulevard is great for shopping, eating, or watching a movie, but everyone likes a tasty treat from time to time. Stopping by Kilwin’s would be a smart choice while in Grand Boulevard, but only if you want to experience a sensory overload of deliciousness!

Heavenly Shortcakes  
While strolling through Seaside, will you see a giant triple-scoop ice cream cone in front of Heavenly Shortcakes and Ice Cream. Stop in for a treat made in heaven! This one-of-a-kind confectionary shop offers all the traditional ice cream flavors, delicious gelatos, memorable strawberry shortcakes, gourmet cookies and the famous symphony brownies you crave. Don’t forget your sweet and nutty toppings! Try the organic gelato or dive into a scrumptious strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and whipped topping. Snag a creamy milkshake or an ice cream float that’s guaranteed to be heavenly.

Sugar Shak  
“The Sweetest Place on Earth” is located right in Rosemary Beach! The Sugar Shak has ice cream, candy, chocolates, and more and is always adding more items and changing flavors to keep it fresh! This little shop will make you smile right when you enter. Turn back the clock with some old school candy like Astro Pops. Remember your visit with a stylish t-shirt, hat, tank top, koozie, or even a onesie for your baby. The Sugar Shak has pleased many taste buds in its time and is ready to please yours!
Now you know where to go in South Walton to cure your sweet tooth from our latest SoWal List. Be sure to check out the SoWal Dining Guide and SoWal Dining Forum for more top sweet spots. Try them all and tell us what you think…


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