The Alys Shoppe is All About Beach Style

August 30, 2017 by Kerri Parker

I often remind myself that we are not meant to be limitless. I had a particularly difficult time holding myself to this as I recently perused the exquisite collection of goods at the Alys Shoppe.

From extraordinary jewelry whispering my name, to the quintessential white v-neck t-shirt adorned with the classic Alys Shoppe logo –  I was ready to unharness my imaginary, limitless credit card.

I have a suspicion that customers adore the authentic experience of the staff as much as the merchandise. As I glanced around, I took note of the Alys Shoppe team. I noticed a common feature beyond fashionably dressed women – beautiful smiles.

These ladies are happy to tell the stories about local hat makers, local jewelry designers, and gently lead me throughout the "shop in shop" concept.  Authentically, these women epitomize the joy of shopping. 

I asked how men feel about the Alys Shoppe, and was enlightened to an entire section of the shop devoted to menswear and sundries.

"Men pop in and beeline directly to their dedicated space within the Alys Shoppe. It’s quite pleasing to see. Often it’s the menswear sales that outshine the womenswear at the end of the day,” says Tiffany Rose, who primarily handles visual merchandising for the Alys Shoppe. “Jack Black and Peter Millar are some of our most popular brands exclusively for men.”

Always striving to provide designers an opportunity to shine among their clientele, The Alys Shoppe hosts monthly trunk shows. You can stay in the know by following their Facebook page.

In the summer of 2017, The Alys Shoppe stepped up the pop-up concept to partner with The Krewe Tiny House. An adorable extension to the Alys Shoppe experience, the Tiny House is a haven for those wanting to shop the extensive sunglass line of Krewe. 

“Our recent partnership with the Krewe Tiny House has inspired a long-term plan to include more tiny house pop-ups with other designers. The Krewe Tiny House was so popular they extended their stay. The experience has been incredible for our guests, and for the Alys Shoppe," says Alyssa Walker, marketing director for Alys Beach.  

With unshakable determination to bring The Alys Shoppe at the forefront of fashion, the ‘shoppe’ makes fashion worth following. Follow The Alys Shoppe on Instagram, where you can be inspired, and stay on point.


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Kerri's friends and family have always said she was a great ambassador for South Walton. Through nearly two decades of experience in marketing, Kerri has learned story sharing is an art form.

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