Why We Love Raw & Juicy's New Location at Alys Beach

July 17, 2019 by Audrey Johnson

Raw & Juicy has a new home in Alys Beach and we’re loving it!

Reason number one - still serving the incomparable fresh-pressed juices (the Pina Verde is a favorite). If you’re like me and you just want to soak up every ounce of summer – well then, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy lunch in one of Alys Beach’s tranquil courtyards, directly on Scenic 30A, complete with ceiling fans and flat-leaf palms. For those of you that have your own preferences, I guess I should note here that indoor seating is available. With air conditioning.

Raw & Juicy has an expanded menu of delicious, organic whole foods. It’s really about great ingredients and treating the ingredients properly. The all-organic vegan and vegetarian menu does not include the use of fillers, tofu, replacement meats, or fake cheeses.

“Ingredients are crucial to us, from an environmental perspective, a sustainability perspective, and a health perspective,” says owner Jen Kuntz.

The chefs at Raw & Juicy treat each ingredient individually and use using traditional cooking methods – like soaking beans overnight the way our grandmothers did. The kitchen also employs methods such as fermentation and dehydration when coming up with new recipes.  

Standouts include the Beet Lentil Walnut Burger with purple potato fries and the Veggie Skillet. The burger comes with a house made brioche bun (because all the best burgers do) topped with roasted mushrooms, pickled pesto aioli, and pickled onions.  The veggie skillet is served in cast iron with seasonal veggies, potatoes, and topped with a chickpea scramble, which, by the way, is super easy to make at home.

Equally as important as sourcing organic ingredients is the intention behind the people preparing and serving the food. No worries here. The Raw & Juicy staff is eager to make suggestions and always smiling. A lot can be said about the energy of the newly expanded space, as well. A far cry from their Airstream in Seaside (the one that started it all in fact), the old Fonville Press location was a natural next step in the evolution of Raw & Juicy. The space is full of possibility.

The staff is able to connect with their customers more, and in the future, Raw & Juicy will be expanding their hours and building a bar. (They already have a list of local beers and biodiverse, vegan and organic wines on the menu.) Future menu upgrades include really nice boards with ferments and chips and spreads and breads and nuts that pair well with wines. Snacks and sips that encourage people to gather.

Raw & Juicy is looking forward to using their space to invite guest artists, host dinners with wellness experts, and give people a platform to educate the public on overall health and well being.

Limiting environmental impact is huge for the owners of Raw & Juicy. They’ve even developed metal straw kits– Lastrå – to do away with single use plastics that are rampant polluters of Earth’s oceans. The restaurant’s to-go juices are served in beautiful glass bottles that are too pretty to throw out. Currently my new favorite water bottle.

That’s the beauty of a visit to Raw & Juicy. The intention behind doing something good for your body carries inspired momentum throughout your daily life long after you’ve visited.

Raw & Juicy is now in Alys Beach at the old Fonville Press location. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks during daytime hours, 7 am- 4 pm. Follow Raw & Juicy on Facebook and Instagram @rawandjuicy for the latest updates and inspo. Visit for more info.


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