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Alaqua Animal Refuge - 3rd Annual Open House Video

December 18, 2010 by Murray Balkcom

Alaqua Animal Refuge, an independent, non-profit organization located on  Florida's Emerald Coast, advocates the general welfare and humane  treatment of animals by providing shelter, prevention of pet  overpopulation and adoption services.
Located down a winding  gravel road on a picturesque, 10-acre farm in Freeport, Florida, once  homeless, lost and abused animals run and play in sun-soaked pastures,  swim in cool, clean ponds, relax on breezy screened porches and graze in  lush, green fields.
These animals - and many like them, usually  more than 250 at any given time - have found safety and care at Alaqua  Animal Refuge Inc., a unique full-service, no-kill shelter.

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