Spadefish Schooling a Chicken Coop off Grayton Beach

August 21, 2014 by Edmond Alexander

For me, the lure of saltwater fishing is that you really never know what you are going to catch. I have fished a number of chicken coops in the Grayton Beach, Florida area for quite a few years now. I had always suspected that my really hot spots for red snapper were chicken coops as snapper are really attracted to to metal. Movie making with my home made GoPro drop rig has helped to clarify what I was fishing over and has become a new passion.

For years chicken coops have been dropped in the shallow waters, 55 to 80 feet between Destin and Panama City Beach, Fl to serve as artificial reefs. Surprisingly, the coops located in water 55 feet deep, about a mile off of the beach here in Grayton Beach, produce some amazing red snapper.

A friend mentioned to me that he wanted me to drop my GoPro rig on a coop he had that was covered in spadefish. Spadefish I thought? I have not seen spadefish since I fished the rigs off of Galveston, Texas many years ago so I accepted the invitation just to see the what was going on with the coop. This was by far the most interesting coop I have recorded with my GoPro rig since I began dropping it on coops three years ago.

You just never know what you are going to find hiding inside a chicken coop. Enjoy the movie.


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