The Last Day of 2011 on the Bayou in South Walton

January 3, 2012 by Kurt Lischka

From a misty morning sunrise to a serene golden sunset on Peach Creek Bayou. Mullet leap and Redfish tail, from the kayak Largemouth Bass are hooked. An Osprey (fish eagle) chirps and chases an American Bald Eagle three times his size into the bough of a Longleaf Pine. Pelicans and migrating Mallards dive and feed. Fishermen motor out for a day of trout fishing on the Choctawhatchee (chock-tuh-hatch-ee) Bay.

It was the warm and lazy last day of 2011, and it was a good one, living the dream. Summer never really ended that year.

Music by SoWal local musician and artisan James Michael Wisniewski aka Jimmy wZ.


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