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The Alys Foundation

The Alys Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to support the long-term community values of Alys Beach.  Funds are used to finance community, environmental, cultural and educational programs at Alys Beach as well as to help other nonprofit organizations in the greater Walton County community. 

The Alys Foundation supports the arts in the form of funding the purchasing of artworks and sculptures on property. Hand selected by the Stephens Family Design Committee, these works of art are found throughout the town of Alys Beach and each hold special meaning.

In addition to supporting local charities, the Foundation continues to give back to the community by hosting events in Alys Beach including the 30A Songwriters Festival, 30A Wine Festival, Digital Graffiti, Sinfonia Goes Pops, and the Alys Beach 5K & One-Mile Fun Run.

Donations and contributions support the foundation’s year-round efforts, with two of the Foundation’s annual, internal sponsors including the Alys Beach Sales Team and Alys Beach Construction. With each home sale in Alys Beach comes a special contribution to the Alys Foundation, and sponsorships are open and available to individuals and entities interested in making donations. Donation information and sponsorship opportunities for events such as the 30A Wine Festival or Digital Graffiti can be requested by email to

To apply for a grant from the Alys Foundation, go to The Alys Foundation is eager to support our community within Alys Beach as well as throughout Walton County.

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