A Biscuit Is More Than a Biscuit at Maple Street Biscuit Company at Market Shops

January 10, 2019 by Manny Chavez

Sometimes, a biscuit is just a biscuit, but NOT so at the Maple Street Biscuit Company!

Here, the mighty biscuit is top dog on the breakfast and lunch menu. Made fresh daily with artisan flower, real butter, and a few secret ingredients, the biscuits serve as a platform for a variety of real comfort food alternatives.

“We like to refer to our offerings as “comfort food with a twist,” explains Joseph Nelson, Community Leader for the new-to-SoWal restaurant.

Located centrally within the Market Shops at Sandestin, Maple Street opened in October and has witnessed a steady growth in customers. First-timers are often surprised at how expansive the restaurant is (it took the place of three previous establishments). The former walls separating the businesses were knocked down leaving a large open space for both intimate and HUGE tables designed to promote community involvement. The self-seating arrangement will have folks meeting new folks and sharing stories that would have been untold had they been seated alone with their singular pairing. Of course, finding your own table is an option, and tables outside beckon those with a love of the outdoors. October and November are filled with beautiful days here in SoWal and having an outdoor breakfast/lunch is mighty enticing!

Customers are welcomed by an extremely friendly “team member,” (employees are thought of as being part of the team and are committed to spreading the community spirit). Once your order is placed, you will be asked the “question of the month.” Recently, the question was “what are you thankful for?” Your answer will be called out when your order is ready. The answers can be truly entertaining, and this ordering approach seems to bolster the Maple Street community philosophy.

If you are a biscuit lover, you will be in heaven at Maple Street…. sure, you can partake of their flaky biscuit with house-made sausage or shitake mushroom gravy, or you can add an over-easy egg to the mix. But most folks are open to experimenting with the menu. Biscuits that “wow” include dishes such as: The Firebird (flaky biscuit, all natural friend chicken breast, covered with house-made buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and house-made ranch dressing; The Squawking Goat (flaky biscuit, all natural fried chicken breast, fried goat cheese medallion, and house-made pepper jelly); The Sunshine in the Garden (tomato based sauce with shallots and green peppers, served in a skillet and topped with feta cheese, fresh basil, two sunny side eggs, and a flaky biscuit); the BLT (flaky biscuit, Pecanwood smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, and mayo if you want it); and The Sticky Maple (flaky biscuit, all natural friend chicken breast, Pecanwood smoked bacon, covered with Bissell Family Farm’s real maple syrup).

Waffle lovers will be tempted by the Bam! YoYo, a house-made vanilla waffle with asiago cheese and Pecanwood smoked bacon baked in, topped with honey butter, Bissell Family Farm real maple syrup, all served with two pieces of fried chicken.
Of course, breakfast wouldn’t be complete without coffee and OJ…. Maple Street serves only fresh-squeezed orange juice (Valencia and Florida oranges when they are available) and their coffee beans (roasted by Maple Street) are ground fresh daily. Coffees can be purchased iced or piping hot with Latte’s, Cappuccino’s, and Expresso Shots available. House-made Ganache Hot Chocolate (16oz) is also available.

For salad lovers, Maple Street offers up their “Make Your Own Salad” where you can choose between Romaine or Spinach for your “green” and pick your favorite toppings (strawberries, tomatoes, cheese crackers or onion/pepper medley, add your own cheese (Goat, Feta, or Cheddar), and finish with a dressing (Maple Balsamic, Honey Dijon, Ranch, Blue Cheese or Honey Mustard). Want to add some protein to that? Ham, fried chicken, or bacon at your service.

Iced Cinnamon Pecan Biscuits can be purchased singly or by the half or full dozen. This item has become popular to take home to friends and family.

Joseph is focused on making things fun for his customers and likes to refer to his food as “food with an opinion” …. food you may have had before but prepared with a modern twist. Just about everything on the menu is made fresh on site.
A visit to Maple Street is like a visit to family.

“We have a commitment to living out our mission,” explains Joseph, “which is to help people serve others and be a part of the community. I’m the “Community Leader” for our team and we just want to make this a better place. We donate our time, our space, do fund-raising, help out an individual person, etc. We are your community store.”

Maple Street is all about stories….” I’m thankful to have a job” yells a team member who has an order ready to be served….the person who belongs to this answer raises her hand and everyone looks truly happy for her… there are lots of things to be thankful for these days, and one of them must be that new biscuit place, Maple Street Biscuit Company, right here in SoWal.

For further information, please call 850-279-6358. Location: 9375 Emerald Coast Parkway West, Miramar Beach -


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