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Bow Wow Meow Bakes Up Beach Biscuits

January 11, 2017 by Manny Chavez

SoWal pet owners have been lining up at Bow Wow Meow Pet Company for almost seven years now. The Seagrove store in Seagrove on Scenic 30A offers unique holistic, eco-friendly pet products, and has added their own dog bakery products to the lineup.

Owner John Scanlan, calling on 20-plus years in the restaurant business, decided to “bake his own” dog biscuits and has been selling the doggie treats out of his store since November 19.

His homemade Beach Biscuits are available in three flavors: peanut butter (Starfish), peanut butter and honey (Sea Shells), and peanut butter and banana (Sand Dollars) …all receipes are started with spent barley coming from the local Idyl Hounds Brewing Company. “I wouldn’t have been able to start my bakery business without the help of Frazier Hansen over at Idyl Hounds,” says John. The spent barley that he donates to me is an essential ingredient for my biscuits.” The treats are sold in 16 oz. bags and are quickly becoming a hit with local canines. Each bag is currently being sold for $10.99.

John’s dog bakery idea has been bouncing around in his head for some time now, but things really got into gear with his acquisition of second-hand kitchen equipment from Café 30A and Summer Kitchen.

“I’m using professional equipment which was all professionally installed,” explains John. “I bake three or four times a week and word-of-mouth has the product moving along nicely.”

John is a high-energy kind of guy and he has turned his drive toward making his Beach Biscuits baking business into a big part of Bow Wow Meow Pet Company’s overall success. He is busy working on a new Beach Biscuit web site (he has acquired the name, beachbiscuits.com) which will be activated soon. John will be able to ship far and wide once this is accomplished.
Not to leave the birthday dog out of the picture, John is now offering “Doggie Birthday Cakes” which are bone-shaped and are presented with a candle and gift box. The cakes are made using natural peanut butter, honey, and carrot puree.

A big part of what drives John in his pet business is his relationship with his best friend Winston, a St.  Bernard mix rescue dog that he took home in June of 2016. Winston was scheduled to be euthanized and was being kept at a temporary foster home when John found him. “Winston walked over and placed his big front paw on me and that’s all it took to win me over,” smiles John. “He has become our pet store ‘greeter’ and ‘beach biscuit tester’,” laughs John as he gives Winston yet another big dog hug.  Lucky dog, lucky John!

Aside from his new Beach Biscuit venture, John’s pet shop still offers a multitude of holistic dog and cat foods, various dog and cat treats, extremely cool and fashionable pet gear, and various products to keep your pet clean and healthy. Whether you are a local just wanting to keep your pet clean with a weekly or monthly bath or on vacation wanting to get rid of some of the sand your dog has accumulated on our beaches, the two self-washing rooms equipped with stainless steel tubs and adjustable platforms await you.

High-quality shampoos, conditioners, finishing products, air dryers and towels are provided for $15-$19, depending on the size of your pet. You’ll be so amazed at the cleanliness of the tubs that you may want to jump in there with fido! Following the bath, what could be better treat than a nice bag of peanut butter and honey beach biscuits?

Store hours are 10-6 Monday-Saturday (10-5 for self-washing pets); Address is 4935 E. Co. Hwy 30-A, Suite 3 (next to Steamboat Grill); Phone: 850-534-0009; www.bowwowmeowpetcompany.com .


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