Calling All Dogs for the "New Dogs of Grayton" Mural Mar 1

February 12, 2014 by Jill Tanner

You and your four-legged friends are invited to come to the Shops of Grayton on March 1 and be a part of history. Dog Daze is a fundraiser for Alaqua Animal Refuge and for $50 you can have a professional artist help you add your pup's portrait to the "New Dogs of Grayton" wall of canine fame.

Local dogs roamed free in Grayton Beach in the late '90s. They napped in the street, played on the beach, and everyone knew them by name. They were an important part of the community's character. Local artist Sue Foster had an art shop there at the time in the old general store building that now houses The Red Bar.

Sue decided to pay homage to the local pups, by erecting a board called “The Dogs of Grayton Beach”. It was painted by local artists and affixed to her shop. It soon became an artistic symbol of our quaint beach town. The unofficial slogan, “Nice Dogs, Strange People” was born.

Sue eventually moved her shop to Seagrove Beach and left the board behind. Jim and Peggy Poteet, the original developers and owners of The Shops of Grayton, saw the board in an alley and asked The Red Bar owners if they could have it. Under the impression the board had been abandoned, they picked it up and hung it in The Shops of Grayton. The original owner eventually reclaimed it.

Jim and Peggy were heart broken. Gary Patterson and Marion Barnes, local artist and friends, made the suggestion to paint a new dog wall on the back fence of The Shops of Grayton and call it "The New Dogs of Grayton". With their help and guidance, local dog owners were invited to paint their dogs. Now, more than 16 years later, The Dogs of Grayton live on at The Shops of Grayton.

Since then, there have been three Dog Daze fundraisers. Thanks to The Studio Gallery, on Mar. 1, 2014 the fourth will be held for Alaqua Animal Refuge. Come out and celebrate art and animals, and help support this admired non-profit organization. For just $50 per dog, you can register your dog to be sketched by Gary and Marion on the New Dogs of Grayton mural. The registration deadline is Feb. 20. On Mar. 1, dog owners will come to the event and paint their pups with the help of Gary and Marion. Refresh at the lemonade stand, purchase commemorative hats and t-shirts for Dog Daze, and enjoy specials and sales throughout the shops.
There is limited space available, so call The Studio Gallery at 850-231-3331, or drop by the store at The Shops of Grayton to reserve your spot. The Studio Gallery showcases exceptional art, jewelry and accessories. They features contemporary and traditional works in a variety of styles and media from acrylic and oil paintings to shell art. Whether you are looking for a treasure of the Gulf Coast or an addition to your fine art collection, The Studio Gallery will satisfy your individual art and home furnishing needs.

Alaqua Animal Refuge, an independent non-profit organization, believes that every abused, neglected, and homeless animal deserves a chance. The no-kill shelter is a full-service animal adoption center serving as a peaceful, proactive animal welfare advocate. 

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