In SoWal You Are Allowed All the Ice Cream You Want

June 29, 2011 by Gwen Break

Ice cream and the beach just go together. Kids of all ages pack creameries in SoWal for the icy-cold, sweet goodness. It's not uncommon to see lines out the door.

True ice cream fans will try any kind, even cayenne-flavored. Keep reading for a list of spots in SoWal to get your cream fix.

Even though ice cream is loaded with calories and fat grams, the ancient dessert is still a worldwide favorite and does have nutritional benefits.
Ice cream aficionados cite the calcium benefits of ice cream, plus any nutritional benefits of added fruit. And then there are the health benefits of vanilla.

Some say vanilla reduces the risk of breast cancer, protects the skin, curbs cravings and triggers a sense of feeling good. Of course, if you need to rationalize your love of ice cream, that is one way to look at it.

The first references to iced desserts dates back to the 4th century BC. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson dined on it. The first ice cream parlor opened in New York in 1776.

The first crank freezer was patented in 1846. It is this crank freezer, whether hand powered or electrically powered, that most Americans are familiar with and use when creating their own frozen treats.

The cold, sweet stuff is made by mixing cream, sugar and other ingredients and then mixing in air until it freezes. Then it's “cured” for a period of time, usually an hour or so, before it hardens.

There seems to be no end of ingredients and flavoring you can add to ice cream, and while the vessel used to freeze your concoction may change, the process is still the same.

Recipes abound for homemade ice cream and all its cousins in magazines and most especially on the Web. At there are 847 recipes for “ice cream.”

In addition to the traditional recipes of ice cream and gelatos – vanilla, strawberry, banana, etcetera. – AARP has more exotic treats such as Green Tea, Root Beer, and Galangal-Brown Sugar ice creams, and Strega Semifreddo, White Chocolate–Framboise Truffle Gelato, Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Pie with Hot Fudge Sauce, Cajeta and Salty Spanish Peanuts. has 560 recipes; Better Homes & Garden, 429; 7,066.

Thousands of people will be dishing up homemade ice cream this 4th of July weekend. However, if you would rather not have leftover ice cream lingering in your freezer, a number of South Walton restaurants and creameries offer specialty ice creams.

Treat yourself to some of South Walton’s creamy treats. It is, after all, a holiday weekend just made for icy goodness at the height of summer’s heat.

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery

Coldstone Creamery

Dawson's Yogurt & Fudge

Heavenly Shortcakes

Kilwin's Chocolates and Ice Cream

Miss Lucille's Gossip Parlor


San Gelato Café

Sugar Shak

Sweeties Gelato & Dessert


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