Lola's on Scenic 30A Holds Extraordinary Dreams

April 12, 2017 by Kerri Parker

Step into the showroom at Lola’s on Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach and be transported from one inspiring vignette to another.

Lola’s showcases fine art, design accents for your home, clothing, jewelry and statement furniture.

“My true love is painting,” says Lee Hensley, co-owner of Lola’s.  “Our showroom happens to be the ideal venue for my artwork, and many other local artists.”

Seated next to Lee is the spitting image of her younger self, holding the first of their third generation – only six months old. Lauren Robinson and Lee Hensley are a mother and daughter team. And together they are living their dream of owning an extraordinary shop on Scenic Highway 30A.

The stand-alone building is filled with treasures they have carefully selected for their clients. There is a distinct coastal palate at Lola’s creating a soothing entry. Gently, it summons you to explore the floor regardless if you know what you are looking for or not.

“Our clients have come to us repeatedly making the relationships we have built one of the best parts of owning our own business,” says Lauren. “Working side-by-side with my mom is the greatest joy though.”

The two are a creative dynamic duo. Lee has more than 20 years of interior design experience, and Lauren has an education in marketing. They have aptly established their team roles for running a successful business in South Walton.

Patrons come and go seven days a week, but almost none leave empty-handed.

“We have a product mix that allows something for everyone,” explains Lauren.

If you love a painting style, you are not limited to buying it just for a large space. At Lola’s, there is a selection of smaller paintings that mirror the style of larger ones. Taking note of a nearby book with a three-dimensional painted cover of iconic pine trees, Lauren gives a specific example of how a painting can be a keepsake easy to carry home in your purse. Locals and tourists alike love Lola’s for their coastal treasures - big and small.

As if on cue, in walks papa, taking away baby Paxton so mom and “granna” can move on to the next task.

“Having the flexibility of our own store has been heaven-sent, Lauren says, “Paxton gets to be with one of us at all times.” 

The scene immediately changes and mother and daughter begin exchanging a laundry list of tasks at hand. They transition to business-speak with tender grace between a loving mother and daughter. Indeed, Lola’s is a special kind of shop no matter what you are looking for.

Stop in to Lola's, on the north side of Scenic 30a, just east of Goatfeather's Restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach at 3788 W County Highway 30A - call 850-660-1662 or visit


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