RUN/SUP Gains Momentum in SoWal & Beyond

October 20, 2017 by Kerri Parker

Some of us work out for vanity or for sanity. Then there are those who find their life’s purpose in fitness.

Tom Losee is one of those people with a purpose. He has always centered his life around fitness. A few years ago he founded RUN/SUP, creating programs that embody the company's slogan - Let Your Workout Take You Somewhere.

Many know Tom from his many years promoting health and wellness through stand up paddle boarding (SUP). Central to the RUN/SUP operation is a homegrown brand of inflatable SUP boards bearing the RUN/SUP logo. The boards are remarkably stable, allowing just about anyone to feel comfortable learning how to stand up paddle.  See the boards and more RUN/SUP gear at

“Our RUN/SUP inflatable paddle board also comes in a racing model, which is appealing to SUP competitors. Our customers love the fact they can easily deflate, pack their board in our customized travel pack, and take it with them all over the world,” says Tom.

As the brand grows, so do the programs that RUN/SUP offers. In the summer of 2017, RUN/SUP opened a retail store in Seagrove at 20 Gardenia Street, Cottage 2 - beside 723 Whiskey Bravo on Scenic 30A. The store sells everything from SUP boards, Hammer nutrition products to running gear, including Altra running shoes.

“Our retail store is ever-evolving. Because our customers are visitors and locals who are inspired by our beaches, and our trails, we choose our merchandise based on what we know our customers need to explore South Walton, and beyond,” says Tom.

The flagship store for RUN/SUP is located at the BoatHouse Paddle Club in WaterColor, the only flat water stand up paddle board rental location along 30A. It's a stellar setting on Western Lake where Tom and his team conduct races that combine trail running with SUP. In addition to races, RUN/SUP offers programs for cross-fitness, including TRX Suspension, yoga, and various interval training.

“We doubled the participants of our RUN/SUP Summer Race Series by adding a second heat this year. It was a huge hit with visitors and locals,” says Dru Sandy program director for RUN/SUP. “The Race Series has inspired new ‘pop-up’ races planned for Thanksgiving weekend and New Year’s Eve day.”

Because South Walton is a vacation destination for folks around the world, the RUN/SUP brand is quickly spreading across the region through affiliate programs. Not only are the boards being distributed and sold by distinguished sporting goods stores, the RUN/SUP Race Series is taking off in other states.

“With every new RUN/SUP Affiliate we are watching our boards and programs truly take people to new fitness levels all over the world,” says Tom. “It’s exhilarating!”

To learn more about RUN/SUP or sign up for a class, visit their website. You can follow RUN/SUP on Facebook and Instagram.


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Kerri's friends and family have always said she was a great ambassador for South Walton. Through nearly two decades of experience in marketing, Kerri has learned story sharing is an art form.


Kerri Parker's article was an outstanding expressing of what RUN/SUP is all about. Very interesting ! Even though I am no longer an athlete (but more labeled a senior citizen), I applaud all who take on new challenges. Love the inflatable boards !
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