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Salon Twist Embarks on Lucky 13

March 20, 2017 by Audrey Johnson

Salon Twist opened the doors to a full book of clients on St. Patrick’s Day 13 years ago. The Seagrove salon’s success can be attributed to hard work, good vibes and maybe even a bit o'luck. Owner Gina Shiflett moved to South Walton a mere sixteen days prior, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

“I wanted a new life so I took that leap of faith and it paid off,” says Gina. She’s a firm believer that if you live life hum-drum, then that’s what you get in return.


With all the success that Salon Twist has earned-they’ve been named a top 100 salon by Elle Magazine three times-one would think there’s a wait list a mile long. However, that’s not the case. Lorrie the Salon Manager knows how to accommodate clients’ needs and she understands service in the same way that Gina does-from an owner’s perspective. Her role is key, as she’s the first person clients see when they arrive, and the last face they see on their way out. Best of all, Lorrie has plenty of warm smiles and good vibes to go around.  


Gina lovingly refers to Leah as her oldest child because she’s put up with her the longest. The Aveda trained stylist has been with Salon Twist for eleven years and she has a rock-solid clientele. Leah’s favorite part of being a hair professional is the instant gratification that clients receive. “You can see it happening in front of you,” she says. Impacting others, making someone look good and feel good is what it’s all about.


Kendall hails from Houston and has been at Salon Twist for about 5 months. She’s Aveda trained and brings a fresh new funky beat to the table. “I’ve been vacationing here as long as I can remember. I knew they had an awesome reputation,” says Kendall. When her brother and husband decided to open a vodka distillery in the area, she put herself out there, never dreaming she would land a chair. Well, she did, and she jumped right in as part of the family. “It’s so awesome to work with the best people and the best products,” says Kendall.


Chrys has been at Salon Twist for three years. She’s incredibly consistent, comes in early, works late and always delivers. (Not to mention her red hair is crush-worthy.) The fact that Salon Twist uses Kerastase products was enough to get Chrys through the door, because she knows that ‘best products’ translates into ‘best practices.’ “We all aspire to make people feel better,” says Chrys. “It’s more than just loving the hair, it’s loving the clients.”


Sarah hails from Wisconsin and very well may be the world’s biggest Packers fan. She also does fantastic hair and has a solid clientele. And season tickets to the Packers.

Salon Twist is a small but peaceful place. The ladies behind the scenes pour their hearts and souls into their work. The feeling that comes with knowing the whole house is based in gratitude is what makes Salon Twist so special.

“I could not be more honored to spend time with the quality of people here,” says Gina.

Gina is actively evolving Salon Twist into a wellness arena. In addition to hairdressing, Gina is a certified Subtle Body Energy Practitioner. She was recently accepted into the apprentice program with Conscious Transformation and will be leading an Inner Matrix group starting the first week in April. The group will focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual mastery. 

“I’m very curious about life and how to evolve and what inspires me,” says Gina.


A firm believer in taking care of yourself so you can give back to others, Gina has pampered mothers of children diagnosed with cancer, and raised funds for mosquito nets in Africa, an orphanage in Ukraine, and a portable library in Vietnam.

“I would like to think I’m just beginning to help people,” says Gina. “You never know the ripple effects of kindness.”

Salon Twist is located on Scenic 30A in the Grand Isle plaza on the curve in Seagrove Beach. Call (850) 231-7853 to schedule an appointment, or swing by to pick up Kerastase products, Jimmi WZ handbags, and Lafco candles. Visit SalonTwist.com to read more about the stylists, and join the conversation on Facebook.


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Upon realizing that life is too short not to follow her dreams, Audrey moved to the beach and became a writer. SoWal’s pristine beaches inspire her to explore further, look deeper, and do better.


Salon Twist is an amazing environment not to mention an awesome place to have my hair styled. I look forward to my hair appointments.... it is a place where I know I will receive excellent treatment.
Congrats Gina and everyone at Salon Twist!
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