Seaside Farmers Market Features Veronica's Health Crunch

March 7, 2012 by Chandra Hartman

Today let's put a few questions to one of our favorite vendors at the Seaside Farmers Market. Veronica and her husband began attending the Seaside Farmer's Market last February (2011) and have been a regular ever since.

How long have you lived in the area and where are you from?
My husband and I moved to Niceville in September of 2010 when he was relocated by his company.  I am originally from South Florida, but I have lived all over Florida

How far do you travel for the market?
From our home in Niceville it's about a 40 minute drive on Saturday mornings.  My kitchen, however is located in Freeport which is just across the 331 bridge and only about 15 minutes away from Seaside.

What products do you offer?
Currently my only product is the original Veronica's Health Crunch.  It is an all natural blend of some of the healthiest nuts available, sweetened with honey.  Veronica's Health Crunch includes Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, and Pumpkin Seeds and some other healthy (and tasty) ingredients.  We see the evidence that our slogan; Healthy Meets Delicious really speaks the truth every weekend when people taste Veronica's Health Crunch.

What makes your items special or unique?
There are several unique aspects to Veronica's Health Crunch.  I think the most surprising thing is what is not in Veronica's Health Crunch.  Although most people refer to our product as a granola, Veronica's Health Crunch is gluten free, and since we use honey as a sweetener, it is surprisingly sweet for it's low sugar content. Veronica's Health Crunch is not only made with all natural ingredients, it is made by hand (by me) in small batches which allows me to ensure the best product is being produced as well as providing a fresh, healthy snack option to my customers.

Is there anything new on the horizon? New products, seasonal items or specials?
We've got some ideas for new flavors and there is a possibility of some tasty seasonal treats coming out this winter.

photos courtesy of e.m.marcus | photography



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