Seaside Prize Weekend Feb 2-4

January 16, 2024 by SoWal Staff

As we move through our daily lives, we notice how appealing a community is as we pass by. Over time, as we live and work in a community, the things that drew us to live there, become ingrained in our existence. They quietly shape who we are and how we live.

The Seaside Prize recognizes individuals and organizations who through design, have changed the way we live. Prize winners are thought innovators in concepts, quality, and character of their industry and considered leaders of Contemporary Urban Development and Education, who have made their vision a reality; and ultimately our lives better.

Recipients of the “Prize” influence how towns and cities are built. They challenge our thinking about promoting diversity, walk ability, sustainability, livability and quality of life. From young to old, where we live is at the core of how we live.

Building a town requires plans, approvals, materials and great design. Creating a great community requires vision, the expertise of architects, engineers, planner and more; all working together to create something that will not only house families, but, improve their quality of life. The key characteristic of a great community is that it involves both form and function; balancing beauty with convenience; safety and function; inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

At the Seaside Prize, visionaries convene in Seaside Florida to honor the best of the best in their field. Attendees enjoy a weekend of Symposium, Continuing Education Courses, and Receptions and more; culminating in the Awards Dinner on Saturday Evening.

The Seaside Prize is a weekend of fun, food and design, as we celebrate visionaries and thought leaders who help to shape our lives through the communities they design. The 2022 Seaside Prize celebrates over 40 years of Seaside and the people who sparked a movement.

For the 30th anniversary of the Seaside Prize, the SEASIDE Institute™ will recognize Victor Dover and Joe Kohl, founders since 1987 of the Miami-based town planning firm, Dover, Kohl and Partners.

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Friday- Rosemary Beach
Kickoff at 4:00PM Walking Tour Cocktail and Escape to Create Gallery Stroll at SOWAL House (Signature Cocktail by Distillery 98 + Brews and SEASIDE® Suds by Odd Pelican)
4:15PM Town Walking Tour by Andrés Duany and Bret Azzarelli - Meet at Rosemary Town Hall
5:30- 6:30PM Reception at The Pearl RB (Signature Cocktail by Distillery 98)
7PM Rosemary Town Hall Welcome by Christy Milliken, Jeff Zehnder, and Lee Nettles
Keynote Introduction by Andrés Duany
Keynote by Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, DPZ CoDesign


7:30AM Optional Yoga on SEASIDE® Pavilion by Melissa Davis
8AM Continental Breakfast at SEASIDE® Assembly Hall by Black Bear Bread Co.
ALL DAY Coffee by Amavida Coffee Roasters
9-10AM Bernice Radle, Buffalove Development
10-11AM Allan Branch, Historic Downtown Panama City
11-12PM Dr. Philip Stoddard, Professor of Biology, Florida International University + Former Mayor of South Miami
12PM Book Signing by Sundog Books featuring Daryl Davis & Speakers
12-1PM Lunch on Your Own
1-2PM Town Walking Tour by Robert Davis, Micah Davis, & Larry Davis - Meet at SEASIDE® Post Office
Talking Points on Mural and Bud & Alley’s Redesign by Dhiru Thadani.
2-3PM John Simmerman, Active Towns Podcast
3-4PM John Massengale, Architect/Urbanist (Co-Author of Street Design)
4-5PM Victor Dover and Joseph Kohl, Dover, Kohl, and Partners - SEASIDE Prize™ Recipients
5PM Book Signing by Sundog Books
7PM Awards Ceremony by E.F. San Juan, John Massengale, & Robert Davis - Meet at SEASIDE® Chapel


Sunday- Alys Beach
10AM Caliza Brunch and 20th Town Anniversary Celebration Hosted by Alys Beach Welcome by Stacy Hamilton, Lisa Burwell, and Kelli Carter
Immediate Follow Town Overview/ Walking Tour by Marieanne Khoury-Vogt
A Few Words by E.F. San Juan, Crafting Legacy
End around 2PM

Like Seaside itself, the Seaside Institute is a proud incubator of ideas. Beginning in the 1980s, the Institute brought together early New Urban practitioners, coming together for the first time to discuss best practices in design, construction, retailing, market analysis and governance and to teach the techniques to others.


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